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No, not me. I need title help again folks. It has to do with moving or movers and MOVED is out okay LOL It should also be kind of suggestive *ggg*

Throw some titles at me. If you need more info, I’ll do my best. If your title gets picked, you get a thank you in the acknowledgment, a copy of the book when it comes out, and a copy of Built and autographed copies of Steph Tyler’s Blaze books.


21 thoughts on “Moving

  1. Moving Violations
    Moving Forward
    Moving Slowly In
    Moving Together
    Watch My Move
    Next Move
    Moving Inside and Out
    Moving in Private
    On the Move
    Moving to the Groove
    Movers and Babes

  2. Ok it’s about two sisters and a female cousin who inherit their fathers’ moving company (aka Cavanaugh Brother’s Moving).
    Here’s what I have for a blurb so far…I’m still working on it so excuse any suckiness :tater:

    Reecie, Robbie Jo and Carla Cavanaugh never intended to become professional movers, but what are you supposed to do when you’ve been bequeathed a Galveston, Texas, institution. Then again, it’s a great way to meet guys.

    Reecie Cavanaugh is a caretaker from the word go—whether it’s her now-deceased father, her younger sister, or the family business, Reecie gets the job done, and she doesn’t waste time on sticky entanglements.
    Jack Saunders takes nothing seriously—not his failing therapy practice, his three failed marriages nor his love of high maintenance women—until a particularly bad incident has him swearing them off in favor of more low-maintenance, no-strings-attached women… like Reecie.

    Roberta Jo Cavanaugh and Cash McBride….No clue.

    Carla Cavanaugh is tired of moving business. Josh Winters is the lawyer helping her sell her part. It’s the last story. She wants to move to Houston and be a girly girl who doesn’t get all hot and sweaty and nasty for a living *snicker*

  3. Hey ya’ll feel free to use some word association…it doesn’t have to have MOVE or any variation in the title.