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Watched Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants last night. Don’t laugh–it was GOOD!!!!!! :kiss:

Today was #2’s day to choose so I got roped into seeing Roll Bounce.

Not my first pick though Bow Wow is cute now that he’s dropped the Lil and the braids :flirt:
Hey he has pretty eyes!

Even my man Nick was cute (despite looking like a Jimmy Hendrix on a good hair day).


5 thoughts on “Movies…….

  1. Teresa-the SIsterhood movie? I LURVED it. I’m gonna have to buy it. And Batman is out on TUESDAY YAHOOOOOOOOO

    Raine…what’s that you’re smoking there, girl? ğŸ˜Ž

  2. Took my oldest to see Sisterhood when it was at the movies. How great was that movie? It was like a chick flick for teens.

    Subsequently we had to go out and buy the next two novels in the series so she could find out what happened to all of the girls.