8 thoughts on “More Techie Crap–FOUND

  1. Well, I’m not longer seeing the super-big font, but the problem with every post except for the most recent not wrapping is continuing, and now every post but hte most recent one is in white font, which is easier to read on the denim than the black font was, but nearly impossible to read on the beige.

    Am I being difficult?

  2. I’ve finally gotten settled into mine. Figured out which plug-ins work and which don’t. I have to admit I like it. Not as much as the old version, but this is doable. I still have some tweaking to do. (When don’t we, huh?) 🙄

  3. I spent the afternoon setting up the template where it’s supposed to be. I’ve got lots of clean up to do, but I’m hoping it fixed Diana and Sasha’s problem.