Mommy Fearest

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First, a review of THE MARINE.

Can you say Wolves jumping the Chupacubra Shark, boys and girls? I knew you could.  Though I must admit I was pleasantly surprised by John Cena’s acting ability (and size), every explosion was SO OVER THE TOP.  I’ve never seen someone run 900 mph through the woods to track a group of people.  Is throwing down in a Meth Lab really a great idea? Though seeing him do a flip to break out of the chair they had him tied to was great.  The kicker was when John Cena’s character did CPR on his wife WRONG, TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY WRONG and she came back to life right before the bad man, who was on fire, came out of the flames for Round 9,569,436,120.

To be honest, they lost me in the first five minutes when they kicked him out of the marines for disobeying orders to save lives.  Not sure how accurate it is but it didn’t FEEL right.  THen again, this movie was produced by the WWE so what the hell do you want?

Now onto the really good stuff!  We went and saw this silly-ass movie because my son wanted to for his brithday.  I told him he could take a few friends but only one made it…and #1 told all his Myspace Friends they could come if they wanted to pay their own way sooooo THE GIRL shows up with her sister and a friend.  THE GIRL is the same girl who has been calling my house, causing loss of phone and limb and for the record, I NEVER SAW THIS COMING.

He can blab on about them being “friends” till the cheerleading skirts come home…oh yeah back to the movie.  So THE GIRL shows up and the boys (being boys) won’t go talk to her or her friends.  So they go on and get their drinks and disappear but the guys decide to play video games, then we get drinks, then we wander around and by the time we get in the theater, THE GIRL and her friends are already there and seated (they were talking about seeing Ring 2 in line behind me, the little sneaks 🙂 ) So anyway, #2 and I head to the other side of the theater (See I”m a good mom!) and #1 and his friend start to follow!

Where’s my WTF sign?

What’s a mom to do?  Turn around and tell her kid he can’t sit with her, that’s what.

Yes. I. Did.

So now, he wants to go to the 8th grade playoffs Friday night with THE GIRL and his friend and his friend’s girl.  Then he wants to go Trick or Treating with….THE GIRL, his friends and his friend’s girls.  *sigh*

11 thoughts on “Mommy Fearest

  1. PS this morning #2 told me that #1 was on 3-way with THE GIRL, his friend and his friend’s girl last night. #2 also has a crush on #1’s other friend’s girl (who is two years older than him) :flirt:

  2. you … are … so … screwed! :yell:

    I am sure that makes you fell oh so much better that I pointed that out – BUT you still have a chance until # 1 & # 2 figure it out too :hideme:

  3. Oh girl! You should have seen the ‘go to hell’ look I got last night after I made #1 get off the phone. But you just wait. One of your boys is gonna give you HELL :kiss: