Mid-Week TV Recap

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I have NCIS and The Unit DVR’ed to watch later.

Prison Break–I have to ask, they found the flash drive with the evidence and NEVER once considered um MAKING A COPY!? WTF?  It’s rare I have a gripe with PB but that was a big red flag for me.  Otherwise, it was a great show!

HEROS–EFFING ROCKED! Never saw the twist at the end coming but totally loved it and I’m dying for next week.

Law and Order SVU: Did anyone watch that? OMG!!!!!! Liv and her brother–man that was fantabulous!

American Idol….I remember a long time ago someone (I think it was Sasha) who said, they watch it because they can relate to the performers as a writer–or something like that.  This is the first season I’ve watched, and I can SO see this!  What I realized last night while watching AI was that some singers are singers and some are performers!  This is important even if I’m not quite sure why.

6 thoughts on “Mid-Week TV Recap

  1. You know I watched Heroes. It was the bomb. (pardon the pun). Who would’ve thought Daddy wasn’t all he appeared to be. What about the link to Japan?

  2. I never get to see the other shows—but yeah, I’m with ya about the AI/author similarities. Scary, isn’t it?

    As for the rest…
    Yes, some people seem to be gifted with a naturally pure, absolutely beautiful singing voice. They can stand absolutely still on a barren stage and mesmerize you.
    And some people may not have the greatest voice, may not hit every single note exactly on key–but they put on such a performance, they’re so entertaining, you hardly even notice.

    So I’d agree…yes, that’s important, and something to be learned from it. 😀

  3. I think Pope made a copy and kept the original. Remember he asked to borrow that guy’s laptop? I bet he has it…but I don’t know why Scofield couldn’t figure that if he’s so smart…

  4. SAsha of course you made sense. Don’t sound so surprised LOL

    Marty I think he just listened to it. I don’t think he copied it. I guess we’ll find out what happens tonight :yippee: