Mid-Week (Day 10 of 30) Check In

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First off, my great good friend Jackie Barbosa is blogging about post-book release blues at SFC today! Stop by and comment to be entered to win a copy of her new release, Behind the Red Door.

Second…need to update the word meter in the sidebar.  Pretty sure I hit my 10 day goal but I have till midnight and I’m going to use every minute for what it’s worth!

Third…there is NOTHING on TV–which is good for writing but bad for boredom. Loved the Closer but Damn Brenda’s a heartless bitch and Loved Raising the Bar! Also checked out Nurse Jackie…it looks pretty fun(ny) but what’s with the half hour shows?

Fourth…need to blog about my neighbor–he’s SUCH a hoot! He’s 85 if a day and spry enough I’ve seen him on the roof wielding a chainsaw (to cut tree limbs).  And he gossips like a woman but he’s good about looking after things. I came home yesterday to discover he’d edged my front lawn… awwwwwww

WIP Update:

I have a plot problem. Its’ a rather large one that goes something like this, “WTF My hero cannot keep boinking my heroine on the pretext of discovering her secret,” –readers will string me up– but after chatting with Jackie yesterday afternoon, I *think* I found a fix.

I’ve reached the point in the wip that I have to stop and edit–in part to fix the WTF plot problem — so that’s what I”m doing.  80 pages down/75 pages to go!  This is a technique I picked up from Suzanne McMinn and it works well for me…stopping to edit every 1/3 of the way through the book (or so).   In this case I’m shooting for 90k (that’s 360 pages by the 250 words/page formula) but I’d be happy with 85k so I’m almost to the halfway mark (155 pages).

Anyway….this allows me to go back and tweak with new character/plot discoveries in mind.    And while editing yesterday evening, I had THE BEST FRICKENIDEA EVAH!!!!!!

It was so good, I had to email Jen and Raine on the spot.  Jen says I’m sick but that’s okay! Then I told Jen if I could write all six books at the same time, I probably would–I’ve already written the opening for two of them (sad yes LOL).  She said I’d end up in a very special room if I tried it.  I’m assuming she meant one with padded walls.  Nice n Soft!

How do you edit? And how are my other writing challenge buddies doing out there???

4 thoughts on “Mid-Week (Day 10 of 30) Check In

  1. LOL I don’t think I did much last week other than edit those pages so not much progress here. Hoping to knock some stuff out before the kids come home.

    Congrats on the 52 pages.

    And yes jen but we already knew that! You know it’s going to be tha sh*t tho! 😀