Man I Suck!

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I have a lot of nothing to blog about! life at home is boring (unless you count the cat urk), and the kids are out of school. Life at work is busy and about to get busier. Writing-wise I”m in a major holding pattern and it’s hard to write while you wait….This weekend I”m going to finish up Linda’s book and obviously I have not a DAMNED thing to blog about. I was just feeling guilty and thought I should check in. Luckily I know from crusing blog-landia that it’s not just me going through the motions blogging-wise.

So what’s up with your world. Gaw I hope someone’s got something exciting going on in their lives. LOL

Edited to add…OKAY OKAY I thought up something to talk about. (sad sad sad). I really REALLY want to pierce my nose. Yeah it’s a bit off the wall for me. I have two tattoos so I’m not exactly a conservative person but I do have a few reservations. So what’s the craziest thing you’ve done?

13 thoughts on “Man I Suck!

  1. Force yourself to write something. I am super bad about putting everything on hold, when I’m waiting for news. That’s a VERY bad habit to get into. You lose a lot of good writing time.

    As for craziness, I can’t begin to write about it. *ggg*:wink:

  2. LOL Jordan You are SOOOOOOOO right! I’m buying a NEO from one of my RWA chaptermates this weekend so I’m hoping that will help get me outside in teh sunshine and writing.

    You big tease :wowee:

  3. Just do it Amie! Pierce that nose! You can get a tiny little stud if you’re worried about how noticable it will be. Seriously, you won’t look all crazy like this guy —-> :yell:

    And I seriously need to write too. Though I need to clean the house too. Yuck. Double yuck.

  4. Bernard…sneezing doesn’t hurt but yawning is a bit uncomfortable. yes,I did it! I’ll post piccies as soon as I find the cord to the digital camera! :yippee::yippee:

  5. Oh my, Painkiller Jane, the kiddies are going to torture you later when they grow up. You haven’t lived the circle of life until these little spur of the moment intuitive blessings come back to haunt you. πŸ™‚ Ah well, live and learn.

  6. Count your blessings, Ames! If you had more to blog about it could easily be something like illness, or the boy beasts driving you crazy, or something BAD.

    Go enjoy Linda’s book. It’s GOOD!

    I must also add that I was sorely disappointed not to have won either of the contests for Hands On. :bleep: Good thing I gotta Paypal acct, eh?

  7. Oh yay! She did it!! :yippee:

    And yeah when you sneeze, it doesn’t hurt at all. It’s when your toddler tackles you and slams his forehead in your nose – that smarts. :dead:

  8. Amie, I think it’s cool you did it! (I kinda/sorta want a small tattoo below the small of my back, but I’m afraid of needles. :dead:) And I don’t even know what I’d get.

    One of our ’07 grads celebrated graduation by getting his tongue pierced. Then he promptly fainted, hit his head and had to have nine staples to close it. The bad thing is, he has to report for Navy MEPS in July and has to remove the tongue stud anyway.

    Craziest thing I’ve ever done? We won’t discuss how staid and boring my life is, ‘kay? ‘Kay. :hushup:

  9. :notworthy: Sometimes I think about doing something like that… then I think, girl, you’re nearly middle aged. Leave that for the youngsters. So, does it hurt??