Make U Sweat

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Well it’s official. The editor came back from vacation and gave me the thumbs up for my title for the September 08 book — the story with the female movers. It’ll definitely be hot, but also different from Hands On and Kink.

Which means I feel like I can officially announce I’ve accepted another two book deal with Aphrodisia and the first book will be MAKE U SWEAT. According to my editor, I also write great copy 😀

Since Lynn had the most popular title suggestion, I’m declaring her the winner of the title suggestion contest! Congrats Lynn! I hope you enjoy your prizes.

The haircut chopped off ALL the relaxer and I had a ‘fro going on. It’s relaxed now so as soon as I actually take the time to fix my hair, I’ll post pics of the new ‘do!

In other news, it’s been a quiet weekend and I’ve taken advantage of the chance to rest, which I’ve really needed. I’ve dumped a few stressors off my back this weekend too, so hopefully it’ll get a little easier to write. I’m giving myself a few more weeks to work on my futuristic and plot out MUS and then October 1, I’ve got to hit it hard (real hard since I’ll be gone three weekends!). One of those weekends is either a writer’s retreat or my 20 year class reunion OMG! And one of those weekends is a readers and authors luncheon!

If I can find the cord to my camera I’ll upload pics of the kiddo–not only did he fall off his bike, gimme a heart attack and nearly break his arm, he got his braces off last week. His teeth look GREAT!!!!! (Poor baby had HORRIBLE gapped buck teeth).

Now I did something on Friday I SWORE I’d never do and it has the potential to cause much upheaval, but I just KNOW this week is going to be nice and CALM! RIGHT? RIGHT!

BTW I’m over at SFC today blogging nonsense and giving away another set of Steph Tyler Blazes (SIGNED!).

13 thoughts on “Make U Sweat

  1. Congrats on the sale!!! :yippee: You’re so awesome. And a big tease about doing something on Friday but NOT TELLING US ABOUT IT. Whatever. :poof:

    And you sound like me. If you can find the cord to your camera….my son stole the battery charger to my camera, little jerk. I have a hard time finding the cord too. :yelling:

  2. Woot!!!!!! BIG CONGRATS :yippee::yippee::yippee::yippee::yippee::yippee::yippee::yippee::yippee::yippee::yippee::yippee::yippee::yippee::yippee::yippee::yippee::yippee::yippee:

  3. :fly: Congrats Amie on the sales!!! Way to go. 🙂 :notworthy: Not sure what kind of trouble you got yourself into on Friday, but I hope it was fun. 😉

  4. :uzi: Okay what did you do?
    I am back in football Hell but you know I LOVE IT..:yippee: It’s the joy of growing em big. Three starters, offense and defense. No, mama is not bragging.

    1 or 2 fall of that bike? During football we have no bikes, no dirtbikes, skate boards, trampolines.

    Are the boys playing football this year?

    Let me guess what did you do?
    1. shoot the ex? :uzi:
    2. Dye your hair blonde? :ohmy:
    3. Write a Young Adult book? :smurfy:
    4. Have a one night stand? :woohoo:
    5. Join the PTA? :wth:
    6. Quit your job, sale your house and pack your stuff to move to San Antonio? :woot:
    Okay I give up….

  5. Congrats on the sale!!! :yippee::yippee::yippee:

    OH and THANK YOU for the win. Even if you didn’t use my suggestions… :kisses:

    Ok, so what happened on Friday??? Inquiring minds want to know.

  6. Wow! Congrats on the sales! You rock! And I love that title. So glad your son finally got his braces off. I went through that with three of my four sons. Not pleasant and very costly.

  7. Great news on your sales! I hope they’re big sellers. My daughter once asked me if I was afraid of anything, and I told her ‘yea, I’m petrified every time I see you get behind the steering wheel of your car’. 🙂