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Ok I wrote this. It’s really bad but I’m sharing. Then, it’s your turn (cuz I don’t want to be alone out here in stupid land).

Hello My Name Is Rick

I Have a Magic Dick

It Really is The Shit

And You Should See It Spit

Otherwise, I can only apologize for not having jack crap to blog about–is it just me?

As pennance for my poor poor poem *snicker* I’m gonna play a game called WHERE ARE THEY NOW.

I have in my possession the Waldenbooks Romance betsellers list (Paperback and series) for the week ending 12/17/1994–that’s right 1994 as in 12 years ago.

Some of these names are familiar, some aren’t.  Can you fill in the blanks for the ones that arent?

We’ll start with the SERIES BESTSELLERS


2. THE OUTCAST SIM # 614 BY Beverly Barton

3.  EYEWITNESS SIM # 616 by Kathleen Creighton

4. UNDERCOVER BABY Temptation # 521 by Gina Wilkins

5. SAM’S WORLD SIM # 615 by Ann Williams

6. ANGEL OF DARKNESS Presents # 1712 by Lynne Graham

7 ANGEL AT RISK SIM # 618 by Leann Harris

8. THE SURRENDER OF NORA SIM # 617 by Maura Seger

9. BETH AND THE BARBARIAN Presents #1711 by Miranda Lee

10. SATAN’S CONTRACT (and we think today’s titles are bad?) Presents #1717 by Susanne McCarthy

11. MAD ABOUT YOU Temptation # 524 by Alyssa Dean

12. THE COLOR OF MIDNIGHT Presents # 1714 by Robyn Donald

13. REVENGE Presents #1718 Natalie Fox

14. THE LAST ILLUSION Presents # 1716 by Diana Hamilton

15. AN UNSUITABLE WIFE Presents # 1713 by Lindsey Armstrong

Funny enough most of the paperback (non-series) authors are still around.

1. After All by Jill Marie Landis ?

2. The Trouble With Angels by Debbie Macomber

3. Test of Time by Jayne Ann Krentz

4. You Belong to Me by Johanna Lindsey

5. Forget Me Not by Elizabeth Lowell

6 Eloquent Silence by Sandra Brown

7. Outlaw Lovers by Pat Warren

8. Granite Man by Elizabeth Lowell

9. A Holiday of Love –anthology

10. THe Dream Hunter by Laura Kinsale

11. Time for Roses by Elaine Coffman

12. Yesteryear by Dorothy Garlock

13. State Secrets by Linda Lael Miller

14. Little Matchmakers–anthology

15. Princess Annie by Linda Lael Miller

How many of them have you read? Not read? Heard of? NEver heard of? Are confused?

8 thoughts on “Magic

  1. I only knew ONE of the series writers (actually ate w/ her at nationals – how cool is that)

    and knew all BUT one in the other list – too weird!

    Have fun at the meeting wish I could go – waaaaaaaaaaaa
    But, see ya later :lighterup:

  2. oh and I’ll play

    My name is Molly
    I like to suck my lolly
    And when I tire of candy
    I call my boyfriend Randy

    and too think – my DH said I had far too much time on my hands – LOL