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Ok no seriously!

I’m doing research… many ways you can stop a wedding?  Have you ever known someone to leave someone standing at the altar and if so, why?  If you KNEW you had to stop someone (who wasn’t even really a friend but for reasons I can’t disclose you *had* to help) from making the worst mistake of their life, what would you do?

19 thoughts on “Living La Vida Loca!

  1. Whoa! Is this research for a book? I am sooooo curious? Hmmm…big mistake, how to stop it… I would turn off the power whereever the event was being held. That’s just me.

  2. This is research for a book! I want to see what ya’ll come up with 😎

    No power is good. I’ve also had suggested drugging the bride/groom so they get sick–but nothing illegal. Then again, nothing like a barfing bridesmaid to put a wrench in the works ey? :zipit:

  3. There’s always the old kidnap thing.

    Setting off the fire alarm? But whoever it is could go to jail for that though.

  4. If it was REALLY important, and REALLY necessary……….

    I’d wait until that opportune moment when the judge/preacher says, “If anyone knows any reason this couple should not be united in matrimony…”

    I’d stand, slowly massaging my belly, and ask, “I wanna know if she’s gonna contribute to the child support he’ll be paying me in about six months…” :kiss:

  5. Hmmm nothing illegal–so kidnapping is out. I think the fire alarm is too –if you get caught :heythere: but ya’ll are definitely making my brain work overtime!

  6. Bomb threat? Streaker? Midget? You could lock the bride or groom in the dressing room. Or this…”Snakes In A Chapel”?

  7. I remember on Days of Our Lives looooong ago they slipped someone else into the church as the bride – an ugly dude with a veil so thick no one could tell….

    Until the groom lifted the veil and there he stood! Aaaah!

  8. In all honesty, very few things will stop a woman once she’s made it to the altar (men-yes, women-no). You’ve got all your friends, family, spent a small fortune to make it nice, etc.

    The only things I can think of would be…
    Finding out he had some secret past
    Finding out he’d been cheating all along
    Realizing you didn’t love him
    Realizing you loved somebody else
    Earthquake, fire, tornado, some other act of God
    The minister doesn’t show
    The groom doesn’t show
    The all-important dress is somehow ruined minutes before the ceremony
    The bride goes into labor

    That’s all I can think of at the mo, if you’re going for ‘realism’. :smurfy:

  9. Karin that’s priceless!!!!!!!

    Raine you’re right. I”m filing all of these away for a friend of ours :flirt:

  10. Seduce the groom. Have bride catch seduction in process. 😉

    Um . . .

    Fake a seizure (I had a student do this to me once — it stops EVERYTHING.)

    Prevent bride/groom from reaching church (tamper with limo/car, let air out of all tires, etc.)

    Um . . . will think some more. 🙂

  11. There was a show I watched once (Models, Inc. – it was a spin off of Melrose Place) where the crazy dude shot up the church and the wedding party moments before they were supposed to start. Course, that might be a tad dramatic for you 😉

  12. Sasha–brilliant!

    Linda I”m still laughing over the faked seizure but I know it’s not funny! My brother has real ones! They can be pretty freaky!

    And even a bridesmaid diva can find a spark plug :hideme:

  13. Damn Raine took mine – BUT I would add an irrate daddy w/ a shotgun will the preggers chick screams “he did it” :mybad:

  14. Slip the minister a micky (spelling?) so that he misses the wedding. Have a fake minister show up and perform the wedding, which will not be binding because it wasn’t performed by a real minister.

    Then, send the bride a letter explaining that she’s not really married to the schmuck and detail why she shouldn’t want to be married to him.

    The woman could pretend to be the courier and deliver the letter, so she could see the ‘bride’s’ reaction. ‘Course, you could turn it into a humorous women’s fiction (notice I DID NOT say chick lit) and the woman could spend the whole book trying to break up the marriage, with comedic results.