Listen…I mean…You know (or why was my Granny’s shirt on AI?)

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Before I get to my recap I have to send out a personal, heart-felt message to Paula: PLEASE STAY OUT OF MY GRANDMOTHER’S CLOSET! She’s very old and senile and it’s just not nice to steal from old women, k?

Now that we have that out of the way…..

Carly with “Crazy” by Heart. I’m a big Heart fan but I don’t LURVE them. That said, this was a good solid rendition and Carly was in FINE form, but I’m not as sold on her as Simon seems to be.

Syesha with um “Me and Mr. Jones”–Loved your scarf sugar, and you looked super classy. You are so CUTE–Ooooooo sorry I was channeling Paula. Anyway it was good and very smooth. I hart you.

Brooke White–Ooooooooo Carly Simon (or was it Joanie Mitchell?). About 2/3 the way through her performance I DID wonder if she was singing to Mr. Happy but I think it was a good song choice and a solid performance with strong vocals. I really like her. I do however, wish she’d cut off that extra piece of hair that flops in Ramiele’s eyes. It makes me itch to grab my scissors!!!

Ramiele with some song I apparently hated (according to my notes). I also hated her outfit (according to my notes). I thought her vocals were okay but I didn’t 100% buy into what she was selling. I have to go with Randy here–she wasn’t keeping it real. My note says it was like a book with poor characterization.

Kristi Lee Cook–like Jaq I was NOT surprised to learn she was a tomboy–hello she SOLD a HORSE to get to the AI tryouts). She’s cute as a bug and has potential but she never quite took control of the song. The chorus sucked, it was weak and pitchy and it seemed as if instead of getting bigger, the chorus got weaker and slowed down.

Amanda Overmyer–goodbye my rocker chick friend. I”m sorry I love you. I think you’re fabulous but DAYUM WTF were you thinking? You BUTCHERED KANSAS!!!! One of my fave songs evah! OMG WTF just WTF Sadly I think that one’s going to get you voted off the island.

*Paula…dancing? again just WTF?

Alaina W–doesn’t like her food to touch. I have a note here: My son does the same thing. Matter of fact we were talking at the end of the show and Elvis had this to say about Alaina and her food issues: SOmetimes I don’t like my food to touch either. Corn and mashed potatoes are okay because it all mixes well. With Bacon and Pancakes and Syrup food touching is a no no. HOWEVER, with sausage, pancakes and syrup it’s OH YEAH! When asked why he said, “Because the bacon is crispy.”

Where was I? Oh yeah…Alaina honey you were shreiky on the high notes.And I agree w/SImon on the pagenty thing.

Alexandrea–Beautiful vocals but I HATE that song. I have to agree w/Jaq on this one–elevator bigtime but then I’ve NEVER been a big Chicago fan. She could have sung that “Saturday in the Park” Song for all I cared. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Kady–the softer notes were flat and weak and you were stiff. Maybe you should have snuck a sip from Paula’s cup? Just saying. Anyway I’m sorry but Heart doesn’t Heart You Anymore. I”m sure you’ll understand because this was totally not a good song for you. I’m with Jaq–Simon you never heard that song before? WTF?

Asia’h–I sorta agree w/Simon here. It was a big song for her and she gets big points for “Degree of Difficulty”–she had a rough start but a real solid finish.

Who’s going home? Hmmmmmmm It’s a threeway for me –Kady, Amanda and/or Alaina.

Ohhhhhhh and next week guess what’s back? DIRT! I LOVE DIRT! It’s like Nip/Tuck used to be before someone started smoking crack while writing the manuscripts (the last couple episodes with the whole sibling love thing totally grossed me out. I really can’t believe you went there nad you’ve gone some really questionable places in the past). Life is good–Dirt is coming back, BSG is right around the corner (if htey’d quit moving it) and The Riches are coming. *sigh* Um yeah and I have a book due 10 weeks so I’ll be TIVO’ing a lot–promise to any of you lurking editors out there *g*

I did write one page and edit what I wrote this weekend. 🙁


My child is failing math. Not just a little either he’s got SEVEN zeroes on his homework, he’s failed every test and quiz and had me taking him to school for tutoring at least once a week but his teacher said she hasn’t seen him in tutoring at all this semester-and my son had the nerve to say to me, “You never took me to tutoring.” The HELL?!!?!?!?! I already bitched to Dennie and Lynn (because they’ve been here so ladies forgive the repeat). His teacher has my email address now…and he’s going to tutoring four days a week every morning. Honestly, I’m torn between letting him fail and yanking him up by his asshairs — though nothing seems to get through to him. (he’s got Underachievers Syndrome in a big way and he’s walking a rough path. Not that he’d listen to his old mom who’s been there and done that *sigh*). Sadder yet–he got an 88 on his math TAKS benchmark so it’s not like he can’t pass–but right now his average is a 56.

His teacher said they could move him out of AP Math but I feel like that’s giving him what he wants–and they could move him to keep him from failing his TAKS but that’s not the real issue with him. If he fails AP Math, he repeats it next year (or goes to summer school and I get punished financially).

4 thoughts on “Listen…I mean…You know (or why was my Granny’s shirt on AI?)

  1. Maybe the threat of taking the same class again (that he obviously didn’t like the first time around) will inspire him… Just a thought.

    I know, I know, STFU. It didn’t work with my eldest either.

  2. Wow, you really called the nominations on the girls, Amie.

    lol @ “it was weak and pitchy” uh-oh. Sounds like someone has Randy-itis. 😉 One night I’m going to play a drinking game based on one many times Randy says either ‘pitchy’ or ‘dawg’.

    We’ve exchanged emails on the math situation with your son. I think you’re doing all that you can at the moment, Amie.

  3. What was up with Amanda’s hair? The backup singers were stronger than her. I’m surprised she didn’t go. Yeah, I haven’t seen the show yet, but I peeked at the answers already. I didn’t get to see it Thursday night so I’m watching the reruns on Sunday.