Let Me Tell You About My Non-RT Week

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Is posted at Sybil’s….and I’m giving away two signed copies of Hands On to anyone who can meet or beat my week!

9 thoughts on “Let Me Tell You About My Non-RT Week

  1. i loved that book. i loved in soooooo much. i’m planning on emailing you what i loved so much about it as soon as i get a dang breather. I. Am. Losing. My. Mind. At. Work. Argh!
    (staff screaming and going postal on me kind of losing my mind.) Sigh.

  2. Rhian–Sounds like I”m not the only one ready for a weekend of relaxation!!! And thank you, you made my week! :kisses:

  3. 😥 no time off this weekend. it’s all about work until the client’s grand opening next friday. i’m just now getting off work for the day and grabbing a wee bit of blog time because damn it – this is MY time. grin! My carrot is my birthday vacation in June.

  4. I went to the page to comment. I love the cover BTW. Hope the arm heals quickly. Oh, and I am with you on the arguing. Puts me at the end of my rope bloody quick! :die:

  5. It gets worse when they hit the later teen ages, Amie. My Mom had to separate my brother and I by beating on us with a broom. We’d always end up laughing so hard we’d forget what we were fighting about. That was back in the sixties. They’d probably put a Mom in prison nowadays for using the ‘broom’ remedy. 🙂