Let Me Tell You About My Day

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OMGWTFBBQ SAVE ME!!!!!!! SWEET BABY JESUS! It’s shaping up to be a crazy-assed week and Buffy sure ain’t helping matters, though she did sleep until 5 AM this morning.

I got up at six and decided since I was up I’d go ahead and get dinner in the crock pot–spaghetti sauce w/italian sausage, garlic, onion and bell peppers (Orange ones because the green ones are GROSS when they’re cooked) all the while thinking wow I have time to make an omlet!

Conned #1 child into taking recycling bin out early rather than waiting until time to leave since he’d be in a rush and forget *heeh*, turned on dryer, guzzled coffee, fried italian sausage and opened cans, cooed over Buffy, made #2 get up and feed cats because, you know, if I’m up EVERYONE SHOULD FRICKEN BE UP. Then I went back to bed. THEN #1 missed the FRACKED BUS!

Popped contacts in eyes, washed face, fretted over showering (later) in boys’ bathroom because #1 somehow (I DONT want to know why he was sitting in my shower) broke out four tiles…because boys are gross. Dropped #1 off, then dropped #2 off. Then watched some guy buy 2 tallboys at 7:45 AM, then got gas, ran home, dumped gallon of bleach all over boys’ shower and gingerly climbed in.

Ugh……boys are gross.

Did not fix hair today so it’s curly and held in place w/headband but at least i got makeup on my face. Ur welcome co-workers.

Locked up Buffy, threw Kara outside and dashed out the door toting 2 pieces of toast w/peanut butter.

Don’t even ask about this evening because it’s getting no better.

I’m over at NAS today with an open letter to, like, everyone.

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