Left Behind Chatter

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First off, and definitely most important, last night’s HEROES RAWKED!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG….just OMG. I hope next week doesn’t come off like filler. (And I totally hate the grandmother fwiw).

Second….I’m doing a left behind writing challenge with Shelli and Emma and anyone else who’s interested.

Third…. a comment that Rhian posted over at Shiloh’s got me to thinking (and we all know how dangerous that is). Okay, honestly, it didn’t get me to thinking, because it’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot.

Last….one of my very first critique partners is celebrating her first release todaySweet Forever (It’s a Samhain book). Go over and congratulate her!

PS….the school just called and I have to go pick up a kid……….

7 thoughts on “Left Behind Chatter

  1. I’m left behind but I’m totally okay with that. RT is basically a week long party.

    I’m too antisocial to enjoy a weeklong party.

    So what’s the quandry….


  2. Shiloh I’m ALREADY dreading Nationals!! All that smiling and talking and estrogen :yelling:

    The current quandry is that the child has a broken arm….the other quandry has a blog post coming

  3. Amie-sweets!
    just to clarify here – i’ve raved often about liking to read books with lots of sex – it’s why i read erotica so avidly. I like UBER HOT books – just look at who all i read via the links on my blog. (there are some HOT writers in there) The book i’m referring to is one of the rare cases though where there was NO character development, no real story and when i say they went at it every 3 pages, i’m not exaggerating. The guy in the story was a boinking machine. His penis was never at parade rest. EVER. Naturally with the perpetual grunting and ahhhing, there was no room left in the 228 pages for anything else. I guess what annoyed me is that the blurb on the epublishers site made it sound like a rather interesting story but the book failed to deliver. It’s the first time i’ve truly agreed with that “too much sex” in a book. Just my two cents clarified.

    btw – got Hands On and LOVE it! I especially like how you put your women in traditionally male jobs and made them absolutely secure in their own sexuality. Break those stereotypes and taboos! You rock Amie.

  4. Scooper…..I think Mendez? knew there was no getting out of dying but it was still sad. You KNOW he was going to die which made it sadder.


    Aw Rhi I knew you weren’t picking on me–it just took half a minute. Neurotic = writer you know :lol::crazy: plus there’s a bit of serendipity there since I’ve sort of been thinking about plot and sex and writing a lot (from a non-writer that would probably sound bizarre :flirt: )