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O O Oooooo is there anything more fun than a new wip?


Oh yeah, anyway, started a new proposal I’m totally psyched about. I have to do website updates this month too. So if you don’t see your blog listed on the sidebar, leave me a message and I’ll add you. I’ve got lots of updating to do on it and the rest of the site, including the sidebar, which was turned off because the HTML is a bit jacked up. I see other writers putting contact info for their agent up there and I’m not sure I want to. I figure if anyone wants to know that bad, they can just ask me. 😕

I read Shelli Stevens’ Tourist Attraction–it short and fun and hot! And I’m finally getting around to reading Amy’s Unexpected Complications. Started watching The Sopranos yesterday and watched Big Mama’s House 2-which I totally didn’t want to see but ended up laughing my ass off at. Tomorrow the chilluns get braces! :poof:

What’s everyone else up to?

12 thoughts on “Le Blah Blah

  1. :heythere: Long time, no chat! :kiss: I missed ya!! Nuthin’ new here…but yay on the new wip!!! :fly:

  2. Girl please……..i started like Monday or Tueday and I’ve got 20 pages. :moon:

  3. :crazy: Trying to write, get reviews together, get everything together for nationals, work and a million other things! Wah! I am sooooo disorganized! I joined a writer’s group last night but I’m not sure I’m gonna go back, it just wasnt my thing. Which sucked because I could definitely use local support! Good luck with your new wip and with the lil’uns and their braces!

  4. There is nothing more exciting than a new WIP. I’m doing the last big push to finish the edits and waiting for…PIRATES! Arg!

  5. Shawn I find lists helpful…until I lose them! 😕

    Bailey Keep swimming hon!

    Jordan……arg matey! :woot: I got my Rolling Stone in on Tuesday and JD’s on the cover! WOOT!

  6. Braces…been there – done that with three out of four kids. But so well worth it! Just keep reminding yourself AND the darlings.

  7. I’m trying to finish my wereanimal story by Aug. 1, and I’m still stuck. Ugh! Now it seems that the moon cycle is messing up my timeline so I need to sit and draw a chart with the moon phases – the major ones – and the events on the story. Another :bleep: set back…