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I’m tired and lazy and busy, thus the quizzes. I did all the laundry yesterday and cleaned the hellion’s room. I tried to come up with a 10 things list like Steph…but only found two 🙁

My oldest developed a rash on Sunday. Turns out he’s got shingles. Can anyone say Cha $$ Ching?

So I have nothing newsworth or fun to report. I’ll leave you with this. Bless, Miss Kentucky Fried, whoever she is (I can’t believe I clicked through 50 pages of lost frog pictures. 😆

P. S. The new LAO comes on tonight. WHY do they schedule open house on LAO night?

11 thoughts on “Lazy

  1. Ah… you had too much time in your hands, and didn’t know what to do with it, eh? I know the feeling. It was like that for me too. So I played lots of Jawbreaker on my iPaq. *lol*

  2. Sorry about the shingles, Cece. He’ll get better. I have a few things for my list. I should be able to get ten pretty easy. As for Kentucky Fried, I don’t think I’ve ever read a funnier blog. She brings me to tears every time.

  3. Larissa!!!! LOL@your ten!
    Jordan Kentucky Fried KILLS ME!!!!! 😆

    Thanks everyone on the commiserations on the babe. He’s doing better I think–not complaining so much.

  4. Nice site. Was, in a bout of insomnia, looking through haloscan of past comments on my site and saw yours and the link and stopped by to visit. Sweet site. Hope your son gets better. And I liked that “year” thing. I’m apparently 1979. But I cry foul because the only question I related to was the Brad Pitt one. yummy.

  5. Me love you LONG TIME, my dear. Thanks for the link! As soon as I figure out how to operate this computer stuff, I’ll be sure to put one up for you. The world needs more sassy women writers!

    All the best,

    Your Redneck Waveline