Just Not In The Mood

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I’m home safe and sound……I’m just not in the mood to blog right now. I had a great weekend adn got to meet/see some wonderful people (some again some for the first time).

I will say this, HEROES was one of the best (saddest) finales I’ve ever seen, ever. *sigh*

So what’s new in your world? What are you going to do with your kids all summer (closets are sounding kind of nice)? Have you seen Spidy? ARe you seeing Pirates? How many more weeks until Transformers? And oh yeah, Hands On goes on sale in a week!

6 thoughts on “Just Not In The Mood

  1. What are you going to do with your kids all summer (closets are sounding kind of nice)?


    Put them to work for money. It always worked when mine were with me in the summers at my shop. They liked the cash, and they were too tired to bug their Mom. When you run out of either jobs or cash, I guess the closet is a good back-up. 🙂

  2. Spend time with them — it’s my summer thing since I teach and have the summer off with them. We read, hike, swim, etc.

    Of course, Monster #1 is going to sleep-away camp for the first time, and both are taking at least one sports camp. They’ll have golf lessons too — I conned, er, convinced one of my junior boys I trust to teach them. So I’ll still have some me time! :fly:

  3. Bernard I’d like to but the problem is they do a half-assed job and expect to get paid. So I quit paying them to do chores other htan #1 getting paid to cut the grass.

    Linda…I work so there really isn’t any hanging out during the day with them. The oldest is doing a mini-workout camp at school but that’s only in the mornings. At least it’ll keep him from sitting around eating his fool head off alll the time. The youngest will go to daycare.