June Search Words and King

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Cece is so fat . com — Kiss my fat :moon:
And they all lived happily ever after sign — for a while anyway
Hot Sheer Panythose Babes — Oxy–Moron
Wrestling Jill Monroe –Try Gena Showalter
Men In Pleasure . com–Burping, Belching and Scratching . com
We Like the Big Girl’s Blog — we like you too! :kisses:
Romantic Sex Sounds–Those sounds are NOT romantic
Porch Ponds–for swimming in the shade
Tyson Canned Chicken–great for chicken casserole, right Steph?
Krispy Kreme BBW–Don’t pidgeon-hole me and assume cuz my butt’s bigger than yours that I eat Krispy Kreme :loser:
Cece’s Dumb –but not as dumb as my ex :dork:
INFP and Probation Officer–It wasn’t me; I’m innocent
INFP Foot Fetish–I’m seeing a connection
Napoleon Dynamite picked up date in Lowrider song–Gosh! Just go buy the soundtrack!
Why Men Marry Bitchy Women–Cuz they know what’s good fer ’em. :tater:
Porch Sex–Yeah, baby, yeahhh :woohoo:
Looking for BBW June 2006–Do you like save it for June or what? What about the rest of the year? Dorkhead.
S&M Relationship–Yeah, baby, yeahhh :woohoo:
Cece’s Recipe–There’s no recipe for me. :ohmy:
Amie Fetish–I have arrived :pimpn:

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5 thoughts on “June Search Words and King

  1. :pleasepleaseplease: I am The Stand – and Cookie Monster – and I can’t think of the other tests I’ve gleaned from here – lol. Hope you haev a great weekend, Kiddo.

  2. I fogot the title of my book but I do remember that it says that I don’t eat children. Which is always a good thing…

    And no, that chicken search is so not me, because if something’s canned it needs opening and subsequently something done to it. And the other night I burned toast. Twice. Badly…