It’s Not Crazy-Talk

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The Writer’s Strike may be on it’s last legs, but another kind of strike is looming over at SFC–at least I hope so.

Also check out this post but John Scalzi on writers and money. Yes, when it comes to finances, I am, as he says, like a chimp on crack. *sigh* Thanks to LaGringa for this.

Today’s giggles-cope:

Dear Amie,
Here is your horoscope
for Monday, February 11:

It may feel as if you’ve got to wait for a long time before moving forward, but you can feel a sense of urgency that makes progress even more fun than usual. Move forward impulsively and enjoy it!

And here I thought it was because I drank fully leaded coffee this morning.

2 thoughts on “It’s Not Crazy-Talk

  1. That’s a great link–I just can’t read through the whole thing–.

    he’s a great writer! knocks you on the head, but makes you laugh

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