Irony is…

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Trying to watch American Idol while your children are jamming out to Rock Band. I NEVER thought I’d say this but if i hear Wanted Dead or Alive one more time….someone’s gonna die.

So let’s get to the girls…
1. Asia’h “Extra” Epperson–I wonder what movie she was an extra in. She did Whitney–and frankly I knew she was in trouble because Simon busts on ANYONE who does Whitney. Why I dunno….anyway I thought it was weak at the beginning and it sounded like she blew it at the end. No, Paula, she didn’t hit the note.

2. Kady Malloy–You’re so forgetable I don’t remember what your embarrassing moment is. I didn’t know the song. I thought it was horrible–made worse when I found out it was Queen. You were pitchy and flat and you….are NOT the next American Idol. I totally agree w/Simon in that you have NO personality when you sing. You’re like a robot. Just go back and watch the tapes. Seriously dude.

3. Amanda Overmeyer–Joan Jett?! Sweet! Great job….I though this was her strongest performance yet.

4. Carly “Greased Up” Smithson–Dude…I thought it was solid. She’ll probalby end up in the top 12 but she wasn’t stellar, knock it out of the park for me.

I think this was the point where Paula, who is actually coherent tonight accidentally insulted the crowd by calling some of them mutts because I have a note here that says someone called Carly a dependable dog. I kinda agree w/Simon about the wrong song thing.

OH and another thing…while on Boys night Paula said the boys were all wonderful and talented, on Girl’s Night it was all about apperances–but at least she was coherent if not useful. (I’m going to try and be nice–cuz you know if I found out Paula had like health problems that made her act like that I’d feel bad)

5. Kristi Lee “Dog” Cook–Very daring doing a Journey song because you KNOW Randy is going to be all over you and not in a good way, but I think she did a good job. There was a part of me that kept expecting JUST a little more and I never got it–she blew the high note. I disagree w/Simon–I don’t think she’s forgettable.

6. Ramiele Mulabye?–I totally missed her embarrassing moment. I totally agree w/Simon that shew as predictable and I was a little bored even though I think she did a good job. She just really hasn’t impressed me like she did in Hollywood week.

7. Brooke White–Pat Benatar?! Does anyone remember that movie, The Legend of Billie Jean? I LOVED that movie…okay anyway, I actually like the acoustic and I know it’s difficult. I totally agree w/Simon’s NOT a song that would have suited her and i was surprised when I heard she was doing it but she totally made it her own. I really liked it though I kinda felt like I was waiting on the punch line–I also realize she doesn’t have the powerhouse voice some of the other girls have, she’s much more low-key and that’s okay

Ok what is Simon so tickled about? He’s in a good mood.

8. Syesha Mercado–She’s so cute. And solid…much like Carly I think she’s very dependable and i agree w/Simon that it was a bit predictable. I really expected worse feedback for her–after all she did Whitney *eyeroll*

So who’s going home? DEFINITELY KADY. Her time has come to go. The other one is a tough call. Syesha? Ramiele? Asia’h? Or Kristi Lee? (who I really like an I really think she needs to be around–the show could use a nice solid country influence).

BTW was reading Country Music Weekly–hello Gary was in it–and Phil Stacey has an album coming out SOON! They had a pic of him and everything and I’d forgotten how cute he is!

NO writing! I ran errands all afternoon and cooked!!! Yes, I suck. Sven is going to beat me

2 thoughts on “Irony is…

  1. I didn’t watch, but I remember The Legend Of Billie Jean. *grin* I remember the song, the haircut, the rebellion, and a very young Christian Slater. LOL

  2. OMG I forgot about Christian! I want to go rent it and watch it again and sing at the top of my lungs in my living room.

    Dude…my kids are gone this weekend…adn I”ll have Rockband ALL to MY SELF! 😀