12 thoughts on “iPod Update

  1. That a HUGE relief I am sure! 😎

    y’know – my kids are saving up to buy a Wii – they have 3/4 of the money and are hoping to get cash for Christmas – LOL – yeah and they all share sooooo well

    Mini-me flushed his ring down the toilet the other day and you’d think he cut off a finger (it was a cheap plastic snowman ring that I think he got from his friend at school)

  2. Larissa the worst I do is wash money….well I did wash the kid’s eye pod but still I’m not checking pockets.

    I don’t know who’s more relieved. 😛

  3. Dennie what’ sreally sad is that the controllers for the Wii are so expensive! BTW I hit Target yesterday and they had a SLEW of them.

  4. Yikes! Shawn definitely but it doesn’t make me any less mad. And get this, #1 (with #2’s help) finished the front yard today and the neighbor PAID THEM! 8-)8-)