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I took some time off writing yesterday to a) baby child #1 who had four teeth pulled and b) read.  And this is where it gets interesting.

See I started this book a week ago while waiting for #2 child to get out of school.  It only took me a few pages to realize that I didn’t like the writer’s style at ALL.  Please note that a) it was a police procedural and b) the writer is a NYT bestselling author which leads me to C) Taste.  I mention taste because this is not “Bash a Bestselling Author” post.  Different writing styles work for different readers, and obviously this writer’s style works for a lot of readers.  This particular writing style was a bit er formal and didn’t work for me but, and this is a big but, the story was interesting enough I had to finish it (And damn I love a good thriller so sue me 🙂 )
So am I the only one?  Has this ever happened to you? And if so, did you pick up any other books by that author?

15 thoughts on “Interesting

  1. Sort of.

    I did read a murder mystery recently.
    The author’s style was ok, the plotting interesting…my problem was that I just didn’t give a care about any of the characters! The author never got me into their heads sufficiently, never made them sympathetic to me.

    And yeah, I did SKIM through the book, just to see if my guess about whodunit was right. :uzi:

    Would I give this author another chance?
    Maybe. Just ONE.

  2. Happens to me a lot. One of the reasons why I tried a dozen Authors after Garwood and Lindsey and a few others weren’t cranking them out for me. I devour a good historical. But everyone that someone told me was like that, or close, wasn’t. four of the BS authors (no pun intended) and one was held up as an example by an editor as fantastic. I got through the books, but for different reasons none of those voices worked for me. One was distance, perfect writing, mind you, flawless, but distant and bland. The second was well…flawed, dare I say that? The accent of the characters went from Elizabethan to modern every few pages, drove me nuts. I love an accent, I don’t mind writers who lay old English, Irish or scots brogue on thick. Another reason was perfect characters, just…too perfect, and no real depth to even the drama scenes… like everything was sunshine when someone should have been freaking out. Or the drama came off as sappy. Kind of high school. I didn’t even get deep enough to care about lovescenes…Because I didn’t feel much of anything. Maybe it was me. when I started those fantasy books GRRM, 1,000 pages each, last year, it took me 500 pages to like his voice. I read two murder mystery books last year, and couldn’t see the big deal in either one, they were too thin…not deep, I dunno.:lol:

    It’s like watching a movie when you find yourself acting for the actors, hoping they get better at showing emotion, or a plot that cheezes out, when it could have been realistic and gut churnning. (I still recall a movie supposed to be about Indian Mystics and it turned out to be robots or something. I was really pd. And too, I hear my own writing voice in my head 24-7, all the alter egos, so :wtf: I’m prolly just brain fried. lol. Maybe writing does something to our ability to enjoy a good book. All those ppl consistantly stay on the BS lists, their reviews are shining, so it has to be my taste, or dull brain cells.
    Meh, Im not spell checking this, it’s like 4 am here, I’m just making my rounds before passing out.

  3. Oh, forgot to say something, (see how slow my brain is working) I think it is taste, because whenever we share books in this family, We all have a different reaction to them. strangly we all perceive motives and actions differently too, being male/female, different generations. I think we have expectations that are unique to each of us. I’m the one always over analyzing everything 😆
    I’ve been on both sides of the fence, and I think it is hard as hell to write. But with fiction, outside romance, I’ve read about 10 in all of different sub genres, I find a lot of those voices very distant…or non personal…not intimate. But it may just be the genre I write in that causes me to expect that.:roll:

  4. I think one of the most important things about a good novel is that it has to be compelling. It has to hook you up, if not instantly then at least soon enough. I remember a novel that I bought years ago. I liked the blurb and the idea, but I think the writer put in too much detail that the whole book turned down right boring. I couldn’t bring myself to read it :bleep:.

    I hope my novels will be nothing like that :pleasepleaseplease:.

    Take care, Amie. Always so lovely to read you on my blog :yippee:.

  5. I often pick up books that are bestsellers and for the life of me cannot figure out why.

    There’s an up-and-coming paranormal author right now who is just going to be huge, and I was so excited to read one of her works, but OMG…I could barely finish it. Her concepts are so great, but the writing and dialogue is too stilted. I doubt I’ll read anything else, even though I have three more of her books on my bookshelf.

  6. I had to take a class one time where I had to read the top ten bestsellers on the NYT list from that summer (class started in Aug). Since most of those books were hardback…pretty expensive class.

    And while I enjoyed aspects of many of the books, I never read any of those authors again.

  7. SW too many words gets me too as does Larissa’s mention of stilted writing. BTW Larissa you’re killing me because I wanna know who :mybad:

    Jill Yikes! That is an expensive lesson.

  8. :yippee: woo hoo Read that I think in my RT mag this month. I haven’t finished reading through it, but I was thrilled. My old copies of all her books are so ragged and re-read. I did buy Lindsey in HB, and Im sympathetic with her change of style, because there have have been milestone changes in her life. Every winter I drag out my Robards, McKinnley, spencer, McNaught, the list goes on and on. I have peeves about all the authors I collected from 1979 on, more now than when I first read them, but I suppose the voice and the ability to take me through the story and keep me in it, overrides any of those annoying things. The older I get, the more my taste changes, and I’ve read enough of evrey Genre and male and female writers to fill several libraries. I accept no writer is perfect, no story is without flaws, but voice is kind of like the music you listen to. I listen to all kinds, but some just don’t move me. I’m a loyal old thing:cry: for the authors who are ..uhum, around my age now. Despite the flaws, they knew how to let go and let those characters take you on a journey. (sigh) That’s what I want to feel again. I’ll be standing in line for the Garwood, and yes, I think it was great she went and did her thing in another genre, I understand that too.
    K-rambling now :woot: had too much coffee. 🙄

  9. Evie I agree about her dabbling in suspense. I enjoyed the ones I read but I’m so happy to see her “come home” :kiss:

  10. Yeah, Ps. and I swear this is the last post, cause you and me can talk foreva lol. But shallow, yep. I always want a bit of real life emotion, I mean, tear me up with emotion, I don’t mind lol. And let the character get pd and say things they shouldn’t. And don’t please god:pleasepleaseplease: give me an an A-hole and call him alpha. I don’t mean childish fits, I mean have a real reaction. Alpha means stroong without condesending. See, I’m getting off subject. But two authors in particular are too milk and water mild, it’s pleasant and a complete story with beginning, middle and end, but a bit of digging into the head and heart of those characters would have made me care more about them. And too, conflict seems to be very mild, obsticals too easily gotten over. I wanted to feel, I really did. I just couldn’t find anything to move me. Even when I detest a book, I respect the author, oddly enough, for hitting me that hard. See that is prolly my personal taste. It doesn’t matter what is a stake, if we can’t feel the characters and see their real soul, it won’t matter if it ends good or bad.
    shuttin up now:heythere: