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I’ve been mulling some writing things over (and dealing with a bunch of personal stuff) so I thought it might be fun to post some of the last week’s horror-scopes I’ve gotten in my inbox………..


So door number one didn’t work out. What about what’s behind doors number two, three, four, five — you’re getting the picture, right? There are an infinite number of possibilities available if you let yourself see them.

So, are you telling me to do what I think i should do or telling me NOT to do what I think I should do–sh*t I hate making decisions. Anne please tell me I’m not the only one!


You’ll take a giant step forward when you can teach yourself that paradox is simply a natural, normal part of life. Reconciling two ideas that you had previously thought were opposites opens up your possibilities.

Hmmmmmm Definite food for thought. If I do this then I don’t have to do today’s 😀


Remember pulling all-nighters for a big test? The stars say you need that kind of focus now. Put aside all distractions and inform loved ones that you may need to really put the pedal to the metal to get to your goal.

LOL I slept all day! Maybe if my children would quit breaking bones and forgetting their homework I could focus!


Get a little more TLC into your life, especially if you’re re-experiencing a painful old issue regarding a personal matter. Be kinder to yourself.

THis definitely went with Saturday’s blog post…..


It’s time to hitch your wagon to a star — several of them, in fact. Some outlandish, visionary influences are in your astrological sector. They’re encouraging you to go crazy, dream big and get a little wild. Why not?

Outlandish, visionary influences….That’s either Vee or Shelli 😀


This decision could send your life in a whole different direction — but it’s actually not that big a deal, so stop fretting over what you should do. If you don’t like it, you can just as easily reverse direction — honest!

Easy for you to say…….

So what’s in your stars? Gaw does anyone (besides PBW and Shiloh) have some good news? Please?

5 thoughts on “Interesting

  1. Hmmm I must go check my horoscope. I need some guidance. Maybe if I only read one day, I won’t get mixed messages?:?

  2. I so don’t do decisions well either. Usually when someone asks me to make a decision they get this response :biteme: then this one :doze: then this one 😐 And if I make the wrong decision, I look like this… :wasntme:

    Not sure what to make of that horror-scope, but I did learn that we have one more thing in common. :woot:

  3. i used to read them obsessively until i caught myself getting really ticked off when “predictions” didn’t occur. i’d have a sucky day when it was predicted that i’d have the best day of the year and in turn i wanted to do bodily harm to the blankey-blank psycho who made the prediction.:crazy:

  4. Jordan mine seem lined up too!

    Sasha did you make any decissions?

    LOL Anne…funny thing is I feel SO much better since I made the decission. Even if I don’t know how it’ll all play out, I’ve taken the initiative :heythere:
    I still hate the decision-making process though–probably becuase I always have to be “on” to take care of the kids/house/animals/bills/food etc…it gets old

    Rhian those I tend to ignore (you’ll have the best day EVAH) but I think it’s interesting when they are close.