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To Os, I though I’d post an ad that I WOULD respond to……Opinions ladies?


Convinced that Krispy Kreme is the glue that holds our society together…Concerned about people who wear their pants down below their butts (I’m thinking of organizing a national fundraiser for “People Without Belts”)…Disturbed by the growing number of socks without matches in my laundry…Offended by advertisements for free samples of viagra in my email – I’m doing just fine in that department thank you…Of the opinion that rap music though popular by the masses is worse than listening to a 3 year old bang pots and pans…Leary of women who ask “does this make me look fat”…A supporter of OJ being an acceptable breakfast all on its own…Looking for love in the strangest of places (the jury’s still out on this website)…Listening to Ryan Adams, David Gray, Coldplay, and Counting Crows in heavy rotation (most of the time at ungodly volume levels)…Self-congradulatory most of the time…Worried about 15 year olds with too much computer knowledge…Buying into the “American Dream” (I’m just not sure I know what I’m buying)…And sure that one day Texas will become it’s own country and will pick on everyone else.

He’s 29, stocky and has a shaved head. Attractive but not intimidatingly hot. Not to sure about his taste in music, but othewise he comes off as smart, funny, and down to earth.

Then again, posting a good ad means nothing to pick on him about. Don’t look for too many of these. :pimpn:

16 thoughts on “In All Fairness

  1. He does have a fabulous sense of humor – dry and witty. I dunno, he sounds like he’s worth at least an e-mail.

    He obviously loves Texas, too. :woot:

  2. Bright, sensitive, guy with ADHD and too much time on his hands and no presumptions about what life is really about. Tall, slender, and still has a head of dark curly hair at 48 y/o.

    Only complication is that he is in the happiest relationship of his life and wants to there.

    But he is really amused by your blog and hopes you don’t mind him stopping by.

  3. Great sense of humor! I had to read this to my hubby! He didn’t laugh quite as much as I did, but then he likes the ads where people show how “brilliant” they really are. 😉

  4. Agree. Love a clever, dry wit. 😀
    Even if nothing came of it, this is a person I’d like for a friend.

    Oh, and Greg? Glad you’re happy!! :woot:
    (but if that should ever turn sour, c’mon back!)

    Sorry—I’m a sucker for dark, curly hair… 😐

  5. Raine- Thank you 🙂 By the way, I am in the process of writing my first novel and am publishing the first parts on a blog as I write it. -Gregg

  6. Gregg you’re welcome to stop by anytime! :heythere:

    Janice like i said, you won’t see many “good” ads because they’re just no fun to poke fun at. :woot:

    Mik, Mik, Mik…I could say so many tacky things but what the hell. No, no I can’t. I won’t. But it’s SO HARD! 😐

  7. I HATE Krispy Kremes! Ew, they are gross little balls of deep-fried lard! Obviously, I am not a dounut fan! :uzi: LOL :hideme:

    Wow, 😯 amazed that there WAS actually one decent ad out there! Sounds like it’s worth replying for, in the least! Keep me posted, hon!

  8. Sasha you can visit Texas anytime!
    Annalee–You ain’t missing much. Like Kel, I’m NOT a Krispy Kreme fan.
    Gregg….I’ll definitely stop by tonight. I’m at the real job and just absolutely SNOWED. :dead: