I’m SUCH a nerd (BSG Style)

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Guess what’s on tonight! WOOT!!!!!!!

BOO on #7! Shame on Dave but I”m LMAO@#1. It rings eerily familiar.

BSG Spoilers below the cut

LEE FOR PRESIDENT WOOT! I called it. Man I can’t believe I called it.

OMFRACKING GOD! Cap6 is KNOCKED UP! WOOT!!!!! GO TIGH!!!!!! I’m thinking that Tigh got her pregnant because he thought she was Ellen and in his mind, was someone he loved (since cylons can only procreate with someone they’re in love with). Even though Tigh is one of the final five cylons *aren’t* supposed to be able to get cylons pregnant. OR the baby is Baltars (ew)….Interesting conundrum!

That was exhausting. I want to watch it again. And I’m going to have to go back and watch the end of the last episode because I could have sworn that the Adama/Tigh fight was in a hallway in the preview of this episode).

Ok the whole cat thing freaked me out. And I’m not sure I bought Adama stepping down like that.

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