I’m Congenial!

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Literary Sass has decreed that I’m their Miss Congeniality–too bad I don’t look as good in a hot pink dress as Sandra Bullock! (Ya’ll stop laughing.  I am TOO Congenial!)congeniality.jpg

ONCE IN A BLUE MOON is also Miss Lit Sass’s favorite read and a One Shot Wonder!

In other news I’ve survived almost two weeks of New Eating.  I’m not calling it a diet because it’s not.  I HAVE to change the way I eat.  I’m already learning what my triggers are (no more Zone bars, no OJ :(  and absolutey no Coke), I already feel tons better–and a HUGE thanks to Trace for her words of wisdom. 🙂

You are the best chica!  Cheers!

14 thoughts on “I’m Congenial!

  1. Hey congrats on the award…well deserved. Now for the other thing…well lifestyle changes are kind of tough but they say, 21 days is a habit. I’m about to make my lifestyle change also…in a couple of weeks after I get back from my cruise. LOL

  2. at first I thought it said congenital and I was gonna say…. :yell:

    okay I need to learn not to speed read – sheesh!

    Congrats on the award! :yippee:

  3. Congrats on the awards! That’s fantastic! :woot::woot:

    And i too have survived a week without eating. I had oral surgery and I can’t eat. :zipit:

  4. Oh, I LOVE that award. Too cute. And I know for a fact that you are, indeed, congenial!! … Major congrats on the New Eating. Wow, that is so tough to do, but isn’t it amazing how much better you feel?! Keep up the great work, Ames!

  5. Sweetie, you are EXTREMELY congenial! 8) Congratulations all around – hope you continue to feel better & better. I went from Diet Coke to Diet Ginger Ale and felt better just doing that. Go figure.

    miss you.

  6. LOL thanks ya’ll!
    RAchelle I think it’s pretty cute too!
    Sunny I’m congenial until you piss me off, then I’m congential! :bleep:

  7. How cool! And congrats…what a neat award.

    And yay on the eating thing…mostly because when you send me recipes and links it benefits me.