I’m Building An Ark

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Cuz my name is Amie Almighty…..JESUS….OKAY…ENOUGH WITH THE FREAKING RAIN ALREADY!!!!!!!! I kid you not I think it’s rained like 10 days straight. I went out on Saturday and the sun was shining. I ran errands, I smiled, it was so nice (but humid!), I went home and fixed my hair so it was straight, I put on a cute top and took my new strapless bra for a test drive (passed with flying colors btw), and went to meet Lynn to see Nancy Drew…..and I’m driving down 303 and there’s a freaking WALL of black clouds.


I guess I shouldn’t bitch. It could be like 110 already.

And I”m over at SFC talking about older characters today. Please, feel free to weigh in.

Also, if you are going to RWA Nationals, leave a comment below! Well, you can leave a comment even if you’re not, but if you are, I’d love to say HEY!

10 thoughts on “I’m Building An Ark

  1. Hey, Amie, is the Nancy Drew film good? It looks really cute from the advertisements.

    We dodged the thunder storm bullet yesterday (there were bad ones with 60 MPH winds all around us yesterday, yikes!).

  2. Okies. You are Amie Almighty. I’ll use that when you are inducted into the Insanity Posse (Hall of Fame?).

  3. You already know I’m going! And I had a great time Saturday – even if it was rainy and humid as hell! :lighterup: (oops, probably shouldn’t have used that one with you trying to quit smoking and all… :loser:

  4. Linda it’s CUTe and kinda cheesy but it works because it KNOWS it’s being cheesy.

    May works for me! :uzi:

    Lynn I had a great time too but the smiley is just WRONg

    dennie yes I’m cheating on you but I did invite you to go too (just see previous blog post)

  5. Raising hands, going to National. We got rained on today and tonight, but can actually use the rain. It didn’t stop the fireworks either. :lighterup:

  6. Edie I have no idea if it stopped the fireworks here or not, I stayed in! See you at nationals!

    SHelli…LOL I had the same thought. Sorry again about the sunburn.

    Karin sweetheart, I forgot you’re the non-flyer! I’ll TRY TO make it go away. It’s actually supposed to clear out (finally) but we’re now up to almost 2 weeks straight of rain and the humidity….*shakes head*