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Anyone care to take a guess as to who’s gonna get the boot tonight?

Girls: Alaina Alexander (thin reedy voice), Haley Scarnato (something about her bugs me–i think the judges comment last week about her cabaret’ness is correct–IMO she doesn’t stand out much. I think it goes back to that performer/singer thing). And/or Antonella Barba (I’ve heard some gossip about her too 😀 )–she was better but it goes back to that singer/performer thing for her also. I know that’s three but I’m pretty convinced it’ll be two of these three.

Guys: AJ, Sanjaya, Brandon, Nick and Jared–I think it could be any of those five. I’d HATE to see Brandon voted off–he’s way talented but he’s going to be lucky if his performance the other night didn’t do him more harm than good. The sentiment was good, so he might get the chick vote. I still can’t believe Sanjaya was in the top four last week. His performance was interesting but…I dunno. He’s got potential but he needs to hone his skills. Nick and AJ just don’t stand out to me much, Jared’s real close in there too. If I had to pick two, I’d say AJ and *sob* Brandon.

4 thoughts on “Idol Predictions

  1. :die: Get rid of Antonella and Sanjaya already! :dead: They suck (as KarenS would say) great big hairy donkey balls. LOL Seriously. Blech. Hailey could go too, and the heavy set guy can’t think of his name… real memorable, huh? Ick. I like Nick and the Justin Timberlake look-alike guy. For the women I like Sabrina. She’s got that certain something. And Blake… :loser: I don’t care for him either. LOL I’m such an opinionated wench. i can’t help it. :crazy: :woot:

  2. I only watched a couple of episodes of the tryouts (just for laughs) But I have heard (seen? ::snort:: ) much about Antonella. :yell:

  3. I cannot BELIEVE Leslie got the boot! *sob*
    And for that matter AJ–Sanjaya should have been gone this week but as one blog said, he’s got the cuteness factor going for him. He’s really going to have to step up next week though.

    Anne you crack me up (but I think Chris Sligh rocks):woot:

    (PS Anne and Larissa ya’ll got caught in moderation but you shouldn’t anymore)