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So last night’s AI? Randy looked like he’d raided his granny’s closet and someone forgot to shave!

I have to admit I heard lots of my fave songs–I left my notes at home so here we go.

Chris R–Best performance yet; and definitely his strongest–he gave me chills. And he’s so cute too!

Melinda–another great song choice–she’s such a pro though what else can I say?

Phil–I wasn’t near as impressed as Randy was. And for all them saying he needed to sound more country, if you listen to the Garth version, I believe it sounds kind of like the Phil version. It’s very smooth *shrug*

Blake–I know i”m out of order. I totally disagree with Randy on this one. Imagine isn’t a song you can do much with other than deliver it well, and Blake did.

Lakisha–I think this is the person going home this week. Sad and shocking but she’s just not living up to her earlier promise. I think she’ll definitely land on her feet though, so no worries. Her performance just didn’t excite me this week.

Jordin–not as great as Randy said but still great. I thought for sure she was going to bawl, so she totally sold me.

My post about sex and plots and writing oh my is coming….it’s one of those that’s going to take a few days to mull over. Especially after how crazy yesterday was.

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