I Miss My Friend

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Today I found myself forced to do one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my entire life. It cut me to the quick and left me shaking.

I climbed in the car with no lighter, no cigarette to light. Then I drove past the convenience store, struggling against the urge to stop. Why you ask? Because I smoked my last ciggie this morning :pimpn:

Ohhhhhhhh I miss my friend! :memememe: :memememe: :memememe:

Never mind that I can’t smoke at work so I couldn’t even finish the first ciggie I smoked on the way home yesterday. I miss my friend. Never mind that I have my little while homeopathic smoking withdrawl relief pills here. I miss my friend. :crazy: Never mind that Steph’s probably outside right now, enjoying her nicotine fix and I’d mug her for just one drag off that cigarette. Or that Starbucks screwed up my order and I can barely drink my freakin’ latte!!!!!!!

*wipes brow* Where was I? Gimme the smokes and nobody’ll get hurt. :uzi:

16 thoughts on “I Miss My Friend

  1. I feel your pain – I stopped in August when I moved in with my parents. I didn’t want to deal with them treating me like a smoking teenager. And I’ve been dying too – but I only have 1 – 2 a day, so it wasn’t terrible.

    But now, all I want is to be outside with my coffee and my cigs…:lighterup:

    May I suggest stocking up on gum?

  2. You know what’s weird? The pills do help…I don’t have physical cravings, it’s the psychological ones that are gonna get me. I mean it really didn’t bother me to only smoke a 1/2 ciggie this morning (last one) or wander around the house slurping coffee without one cuz they were all gone.

    It was when I got in the car :memememe:

  3. I mean to stop too, but confess I haven’t yet.

    But I notice that I miss the HABIT more than the cigarette itself when I don’t have it. Something to hold in my hand. Something to put in my mouth. Something to keep my fingers busy, something to toke on.

    If only I could think of a suitable substitute…hmmm…:flirt:

  4. Cece! Congrats, woman! I’m so proud of you! You rock!

    And you’re right, it is the psychological aspect. I quit 15 years ago and I still miss it when I have a glass of wine or a beer. It’s the association with other actions that is the killer. But you can do it! I know it!

  5. :woot: Way to go Ceec!!! You can DO EEET! It’ll be hard, for sure, but I have faith in you! I smoked last weekend, two ciggies, :zipit: when we went out, and really, when I am drinking is the only time that I miss it. Last weekend I gave in, because I was being pissy, and smoked and felt like CRAP because I STUNK!! :dead: And had bad nasty breath! So the oral fixation part is totally psychological and will be the hardest part to get over! I didn’t smoke long, maybe like 5 years, but I quit 6 years ago now and very rarely now do I ever get that craving! :uzi:

    So hang in there, get some gum, drink some coffee, and stay AWAY from your friend! :moon:

  6. I’ve never smoked but I can totally understand the habit. I’ve often thought If Idid smoke, and kept my hands busy, I could lose wieght easier. LOL

    Wishful thinking probably.

  7. Woo-hoo! That’s terrific, Cece. :memememe: Just think of the head start you’re getting on all the people who will be waiting until January 1st to curtail their bad habits and addictions. Hell, you’ll be waaaay ahead of them. Just keep thinking about how fantastic you’ll feel, physically and emotionally, after you’ve kicked this habit. :woot:

    As a card-carrying foodaholic I know it’s hard to give up the things we love and depend on to help us through the day. Lord, it’s damn hard. :crazy: But I also know that you have what it takes to do this.

    Oh…and remember, now that you’ve posted your intentions on your blog, you’re accountable to the entire blogosphere! (*evil laugh*) :yell:

  8. >>If only I could think of a suitable substitute…hmmm…

    If ONLY!

    Trace hang on tight……I wont feel like I’ve achieved much until I hit that 24 hour mark. Which will be about 7:00 tomorrow morning.

  9. >> I’ve often thought If Idid smoke, and kept my hands busy, I could lose wieght easier.

    God I wish but that’s exactly why my fat non-smoking compulsive eating ass is going to curves tomorrow morning. :dead:

  10. Daisy…….*sob* 😥 😥 😥

    Ok no it’s cool. Except…I have to get in the car in like five minutes. 😥

  11. :crazy:
    Do you want me to come and get #1 and #2? Poor little angels better walk on eggshells..
    Sunflower seeds? Gum?
    You have the self control girl, you’ve done it before.

  12. :uzi:Smoking is NOT your friend. You can do this. You need to send someone else into the convenient store to get you the ‘candy’ cigarettes. That will keep your fingers and your mouth busy. The pills you have will help with the cravings. Hang in there. You CAN do it.:woot:

  13. You can do this, Cece!!! Good for you!! I haven’t smoked in 17yrs and it’s been at least 10 since I’ve had one of those random ‘urges’ that hit you out of the blue. I used to smoke Rothman’s and Export A’s, and even rolled my own. lol. Now you’d have to hold a gun to my head to get me to a single toke of menthol lights. heh. Hang in there chica. It really is a health thing, think about that way.