I Have Pictures

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So last night I’m laying in bed watching the last of the North Carolina vs Louieville game and Kevin starts yelling, “Mom Mom there’s something in the house. It’s a mouse or something!”

I pause the TV (gotta love the DVR Gods) and go running out, praying it’s not a rat. It’s not. It’s worse. It’s a baby possum!
There we are at 10 at night running around the living room like something out of Three Stooges, trying to catch this f)*&^*& we finally get it trapped in a milk crate and it crawls out the side!!!! So i grab it (i had a dishtowl), nearly drop it and, panting but triumphant, I yell at my son, “Get the camera!”

Yes I have pics. No i have no idea how the damned thing got in my house. Yes I let the damned thing go! And Yes most importantly of all, North Carolina won! LOL

3 thoughts on “I Have Pictures

  1. Um…I’m sorry, I’d have voted on the rat being worse…but you know me!
    Glad everyone survived, and you got to watch your game, lol.