I didn’t forget

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I blogged today over at SFC about….burnout! Drop by. Weigh in. Be Heard!

I’m off to the DARA conference this afternoon. I hope to see your happy smiling faces there. And yes, I will be taping the Final Four! (or sneaking into the bar to watch?)

Oooooooo look I went to the DARA Conference and somehow managed not to squee over PC and Kristin! Sadly I can’t remember the name of the furry beauty in the center (Sarah?)


Here is your horoscope
for Monday, April 7:

Today is all about closure, so try to clear some stuff off of your plate. You won’t be able to get started on new projects — no matter how fun or profitable they may be — until you’re finished up with this stuff.

yeah yeah quit nagging

5 thoughts on “I didn’t forget

  1. I’m reading Private Arrangements, Sherry Thomas’s much talked about debut. So far, very good!

    Hey, I tried to email you my “behind the book” thing for SFC and the email bounced 🙁

  2. I was reading Lisa Child’s books on the sister witches. Sorry my brain is fried and I can not remember the names. I read the last one first.

    I am not doing much this weekend. Babysitting my third cousin, (6 months)
    I love him so much. His mama is going to Vegas and I helped bring the little chit into the world so I claim him.

    Other than that, not much

  3. Sorry Mary I was gone until today. Not sure what’s going on but I just eamiled you about it.

  4. Hol, I think i have one of those in my TBR pile! You should check out the Raintree books too (Also Nocturne). I read the second one first (LOVED IT), have the third in my pile and i need to get the first.