How Weird Am I?

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Linda Winfree is guesting over at SFC today! so stop by! Or else! Heeh

Okay so how weird am I? Raine just blogged about Jordan’s new release–Red–which I picked up this weekend. I’m about five chapters in and so far I’m really enjoying myself. There’s just one problem. I find, the better I know an author, the harder it is to read their book. That doens’t mean I don’t BUY them, I just have a hard time reading them. Just last week I bought Melissa Blue’s new book, and so far I’ve only read a few pages. I also have books by a slew of authors whom I call friend…sitting in my TBR pile *sigh*


Tonight, for dinner, we’re having Pioneer Woman’s Farfalle and Zucchini.…but I’m adding chicken!  And I”m making this little dandy for dessert! My mom used to have a similiar recipe but it asked for sour cream *drool* and I even bought a new sheet pan to make it in!

And last, but not least, I paid off (AND CANCELLED) one of my credit cards. WOOT!!!!! ^5’s myself

12 thoughts on “How Weird Am I?

  1. I think when you know someone it’s hard to separate the online personality from the fiction. (ie can’t suspend disbelief) You do bring up an interesting point though, which deserves further exploration.

  2. You know…I consider you one of my fave peeps….and it seems like the better I know someone, the harder it is!

    That said, I have three hours at the dealership today so I’m taking Red with me! 😀 Heeh!

  3. I think that’s understandable. I believe the same would be true with actors. The more you really know about them the harder it is to believe they’re different characters. Makes you wonder how much blogging and such affects readers’ perceptions.

  4. That is an interesting point…

    I don’t think I have trouble reading them, but I do have trouble being objective.

    Congrats on the death of the credit card (I am SO jealous…)

  5. the better I know an author, the harder it is to read their book.

    crits aside–because that is totally different… I am the SAME way. I think that may be why I read people I have never heard of. It’s a freaky-deaky thing, but it’s like you can’t turn off the internal editor when you know them. And you almost feel compelled to say, “btw, chapter 6 the scene with…”

  6. >>And you almost feel compelled to say, “btw, chapter 6 the scene with…”

    I think that I have more internal questions like, “Why’d you do that?” LOL Probably because, if I wanted, I could just email Jordan and ask–not that I would!

    BTW about 120 pages in and still enjoying myself 🙂

  7. That sounds a lot like “Texas Sheet Cake” that is in my family’s cookbook… Damn good though!!! (Although, I’m allergic, so I don’t ever include pecans.)

  8. Congrats on paying off and destroying the credit card! In this day and age that’s a major accomplishment worthy of celebration.

    I have a pile of books in my TBR pile by friends. I’m still in awe over the number of friends I have who’ve gone from non published to published in the time I’ve known them. It’s very impressive.