How I Spent My Holiday Weekend

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(my child is watching Noroku *sigh* I hate cartoons)

I cleaned house (which was like four hours of my life I’ll never get back), went to the movies and Blockbuster, took the kids to eat (twice), cooked, hit Home Depot, the pet store and the hardware store, fixed Raine’s smileys, updated the website, listened to my children argue (more hours I’ll never get back), sent a newsletter and hung a fan in my child’s room. I’m proud to say the fan works … but the light fixture doesn’t *sigh*

Did I leave anything out?

Oh yeah WRITING! πŸ™

Off to do two blog posts (and finish cooking dinner)

7 thoughts on “How I Spent My Holiday Weekend

  1. we saw Prince Caspian yesterday… (Saw Iron Man last Wednesday) got totally sunburned at a block party Sunday–still hurts like hell!

    I think we going to see Indiana Jones next week when DH is doing bball playoffs

  2. You know I LIKED Caspian (and gaw Caspian was HAWT) but it didn’t feel as BIG as the first movie. Maybe I was so blown away by TLTWTW that I expected more…just more in a way I couldn’t put my finger on.

    I have no kids this weekend. If I wrap things up on my end do you wanna go see Indy w/me or are you totally committed to taking your kids? Come on…you, me, Lynn and Harrison Ford. It’ll be fun! πŸ˜€

  3. Haven’t seen either movie yet.

    I got to camp this past weekend. Actually it wasn’t too horrible. We rented a cabin. At least there was plenty to keep the kids occupied.

    Now we’re back to business as usual. If I could just wake up long enough to concentrate on writing.

  4. I MIGHT be able too–I don’t think it’s too much to see it twice πŸ™‚

    dh leaves some time Saturday for the playoffs though– we just don’t know if it’s to Boston or Detroit (he has airfare to both)

  5. OH! and I know what you mean about it not feeling as big–it felt like they had left out key points–like on the cutting room floor not even just from the script. Like when Peter and Susan said the bit (y’know–by the tree…trying not to give anything away) at the end I was like WTF, where’d that come from…. And don’t get me started ont the peoplw who have never seen these folks before and aren’t the least but put off that a menatar is attacking them…