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I’m over at SFC Today blogging about my miserable weekend!

Also see Raines post on TMI, Mik’s post on Dick vs Penis and Shellis’ post debunking the Muse.

In other news……we saw Fantastic 4 which was a definite bright spot. To be honest, it was better than the first movie! I kid you not. It’s probably one of the best sequels I’ve ever seen. Or I was high on Diet Coke 🙂

One thought on “Hola!

  1. Your column was very funny, Amie. That habit is a real bear. Smoking has caused the premature deaths of so many people I’ve known in my fifty-seven years, my anecdotal list would almost seem like fiction. I can only give you three concrete items not smoking helps with: MONEY, smell, and quality of life. I won’t bother you with guilt trips about your kids. I pounded common sense stuff about smoking into my two kids, and it had no effect on my Son. He’s hooked too, even though he can’t afford the habit, and it kills him I can outrun, out play, and out work him. I hope you can beat it.