He’s Just Not That Into You — Redux

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I hit the Hallmark store on Monday night and #1 insisted on coming with me–he had to get a present for someone. His first I might add. It was pretty sweet. He got her a really cute bear. I said, “You need to get a card.”

He asked why.

I said, “because that’s what you do!”

and in honor of VD I’m reposting an oldie but goodie story about #2 son.

Or a mother’s retelling of a VD Tale…… Last year in Mid-January my phone rang. It was a little girl–we’ll call her GF for girl friend (as in another girl’s friend). She wanted to talk to #2 who, at the time, had just turned 9 and had a crush on MH (mini-hottie). Well GF was calling because OCG (other cute girl) was interested in #2 and wanted him to be her Valentine.

Are you still with me?

One boy (who’s ADD, immature and talks like a grown person–figure that one out), and three girls (One running interference). So, GF called and called and called with increasing frequency in the days and weeks leading up to …you guessed it…VD

Drove us all up the wall and gave #1 son much ammunition to use against smaller, younger brother (who will some day beat the snot out of him). But I digress…..GF was calling on three-way with OCG listening in. And my son, having the tact of a gnat, tells GF “I’ll be her Valentine if she’ll leave me alone and quit calling my house.”

Mom says, “Son don’t be mean. Use a little tact.”

#2 “I don’t want to be her Valentine. I want to be MH’s Valentine but OCG said MH said that she didn’t like me.”

Mom says, “Son that’s normal. OCG wants you for herself, so of course she told you that MH didn’t like you! Did you talk to MH?”

#2 “No cuz OCG said MH didn’t like me!” Mom says, “OCG LIED!!!!! She’s a lying skeezer!” Okay I didn’t call her a lying skeezer out loud. But I thought it. Girlfriend had already learned the game, if you catch my drift.

So while Poor #2 was pining away for MH, he had to pick out a VD gift for OCG.

The moral of this story? Never listen to the other cute girl. Or maybe, it’s just as good to have no Valentine at all as it is to get your arm twisted into buying something for the Other Cute Girl.

7 thoughts on “He’s Just Not That Into You — Redux

  1. Something like that has to happen to either one of my brothers so I can tease them about it. It’s just wrong to deny me an older sister’s rights.

  2. Amy….Jill…be afraid. Be very afraid!

    Friday night #1 has a basketball game and there’s a dance. He says he’s going to basketball. Now we have this thing where each of us alternates picking a place to go out to eat on the weekends they’re with me (or the movies/bowling/putt putt etc) and #1 says he wants to go to a local resturaunt after his game. Well, guess what? That’s where everyone went after the dance

    HE TOTALLY PLAYED ME!!!!!!! And I fell for it!