Hell of a Day

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So I wake up Saturday morning to an email from Mik, reminding me that there’s a book signing today for a friend of Candace Havens.  Candace told us all about Rosemary’s book at the last meeting and asked us to come.  So we went, after a mad dash through TGI Fridays (and leaving the Ohio/Xavier game just as that three point shot went off and time ran out = overtime).  And we got to meet Rosemary Clement Moore, who is just cute as a bug, but I digress.  My child acted like a complete ASS in front of Mik and I still can’t believe I didn’t snatch his ass up like a three year old.  Sad too, Mik’s 5 YO was better than my 13 YO.  Brat.

Anyway so I come home with this book and I start reading and watching basketball (HELLO it’s March Madness BABY).  Oh. My.  God.  I want Candace to be my personal book shopper from now on.  Prom Dates From Hell is the BEST BOOK!

Maggie Quinn, Girl reporter. Honors student, newspaper staffer, yearbook photographer. Six weeks from graduation and all she wants to do is get out of Avalon High in one piece. Fate seems to have different plans for her.

High school may be a natural breeding ground for evil, but the scent of fire and brimstone is still a little out of the ordinary. It’s the distinct smell of sulfur that makes Maggie suspect that something’s a bit off. And when realTwilight Zone stuff starts happening to the school’s ruling clique—the athletic elite and the head cheerleader and her minions, all of whom happen to be named Jessica—Maggie realizes it’s up to her to get in touch with her inner Nancy Drew and ferret out who unleashed the ancient evil before all hell breaks loose.

Maggie has always suspected that prom is the work of the devil, but it looks like her attendance will be mandatory. Sometimes a girl’s got to do some pretty undesirable things if she wants to save her town from soul-crushing demons from hell and the cheerleading squad.

BTW Ignore the Library Journal review up at Amazon.  Maybe I was just having too much fun, but I didn’t figure out the final twist until the end.  Maggie does do a bit of ass kicking but not in an unbelievable way and she also gets her ass kicked to boot.  She’s a super fun character to read with a great first person voice, and I’m a sucky reviewer but this is just a great fun YA read that didn’t feel like it was just for young’uns

And to top off my day A & M AND North Carolina (along with UT) are advancing to the Sweet Sixteen!

I’ll be sending out a newsletter today or tomorrow and I’m giving away an autographed copy of Sandy Blair’s A Thief in a Kilt!  (Yes, after the book signing I wish I’d gotten Rosemary to sign an extra copy for me!).  I’ve also got an interview with Steph Tyler whose first book goes on sale in April! And some coverflats to give away….so stay tuned!

12 thoughts on “Hell of a Day

  1. Okay DON’T tell me the end…I’m still reading but I freaking LOVE this book. 🙂 And I agree – it’s not just for young ‘uns. I’m going to do a review at Amazon. 🙂

  2. Isn’t it the bestest book?? We can all be charter members of her fan club. 😀

    Sorry I missed you and Mik at the book signing though. And trust me Amie, your 13 year old probably has nothing on the bratty behavior mine can dish out!

    I lost all interest in the March Madness when Texas Tech got their asses kicked on Thursday. I wonder how many chairs Bob Knight threw at his players in the locker room afterwards????

  3. I’ve been eying that book for a while; I’m going to have to break down and order it now.

    …and I’m going to use this smiley for no reason but that I want to, and can’t think of any use in-context, so it’ll just be random.


  4. Amie, you rock. Thanks for the wonderful plug on your blog, and your note the other day. Not to mention coming to the signing in the first place. I so enjoyed meeting you!

  5. Tempest I hope ya’ll enjoy it! :yippee:

    Marty thanks! it starts back up again on Thursday!


    Meljean let me know if you like it as much as I did! LOL Michaelangelo is probably rolling over in his grave! 😆

    Rosemary it was and is my pleasure! I can’t wait for book two! :yippee::yippee: