Happy Yada Yada!

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😉 I stole this from Steph! And I”m over at SFC, taking a look back at 2006.

What rockstar’s groupie are you?

You are Axl Rose’s groupie.
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14 thoughts on “Happy Yada Yada!

  1. Axl Rose too. Ummm, that’s not right.

    Tried to comment on SFC, but the comment thingy won’t come up. I checked Raine’s last entry and it’s on that one, just not yours. So you really don’t want our comments, do you. 🙄

  2. Augh! I took the quiz, too, and got Axl Rose as well!

    LOL. Maybe we’re long lost soul-twins. 🙂

    Happy New Year!

  3. Geez, Bailey–break the comment box, why dontcha! 😀

    I got Axl Rose too.
    It’s a conspiracy.

    (and a Happy uh-huh to you too, Ames!). :yippee:

  4. too funny, it says i’m an axl groupie, but um, he’s not my cup of tea. i’m not into foul men.
    now give me robert plant any day.

    happy yadda yadda back atcha, amie.

  5. Too funny! I’m afraid to try this test. I don’t want to find out whose groupie I’d be. 🙂

    BTW, I emailed you last night using my personal email addy. I hope it didn’t go to your spam box. 😕