Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year to all my writer and reader friends. I’m over at NAS blogging about my weekend adventure with Dennie, Sandy and Lynn.

A funny thing happened Sunday night. I was working on my edits for Nailed and….

I realized it was actually GOOD! And more importantly I LIKE IT. Now I wrote this a year ago and haven’t looked at it since so distance has helped a LOT but I really angsted over it–did it have enough sex, did the mystery work, do I have any hair left. I really put Mik, Dennie and Raine through the ringer even though I had Eve (as my beta reader) assuring me it was good.

This bodes well since um Wynn’s brother’s book is next to be written.

Anyone want a copy of Hands On? I’ll give away two or three copies drawn at random from the comments!

22 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. LOL I promise you’ll ove it and John will have his day. Though it might involve some cross dressing

  2. I already have a copy. And it’s fab-u-lous! (Sandy, you’ll love it!)

    Waiting for Amazon to deliver my copy of Built, darn it!

    Happy New Year, Amie-Cece, and good luck with edits!

  3. Oh i’d love to be in the contest for HANDS ON. I’m still laugihng from reading the other blog, LOL

  4. Oh I hit the button too fast! Wanted to say Happy New Years too! Oh cool on NAILED. I love when Brothers and/or sisters and friends get their stories! I would always wonder about them!

  5. Hello Amie,

    Ooo Me Me Me I would love a copy of Hands On. Not only do I want a copy I want to read it as soon as I get it *G* The cover is very *HOT* and the book sounds so good.

    Byeebyee 2007! Welcome 2008 YaY! Happy New Years!


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  7. Boy, you were quick to find my little synopsis of our adventure. šŸ˜Ž

    BTW, I’m glad you realized that you like your story. That makes it all the better!

  8. WordPress sends me notices on messages and pingbacks. LOL

    Cathie…..Linda….email me at spamless at amiestuart dot com. I’ll send you both signed copies of Hands On

    Contest closed folks!