Happy Mother’s Day!

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So My kids wanted money. I told them they were going to have to work for it–yardwork that is. So we spent all morning working out in the yard yesterday. Now a couple weeks ago we had a little visitor. I was standing on the back porch, trying to get the cats in before work. Rowdy (my little grey cat) came right to the door…he was unusually obedient. I should have known better!

It wasn’t HIM!!!!!!! It was the neighbor’s cat, a small grey boy, slightly younger than Rowdy who had come to visit. He came right in the house, hopped on the couch and made himself at home!

Since then he’s come back to visit periodically. Yesterday he spent most of the day with us, playing out back with the other three cats, wandering inside etc. I didn’t think a thing about it (other than it was cute). #2 takes off to stay the night at a friend’s house and I take #1 shopping for graduation clothes and to dinner. We come back. The kitten comes back in. We leave again……..yeah guess who we left in the house?!! I sat down to check my mail and he curled up at my feet! And #1 KNEW we’d left him in the house!

This morning, he came back, came to my bedroom window and cried to come in. :meow:

17 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. NO NO NO NO NOOOOOOOOO :bleep:He’s not staying! HE just comes to visit! NO I TELL YOU :crazy:

  2. Marty…maybe he just needs a friend.


    Dennie…Raine has named him Cousin Clyde! We call him Jr…wait. What am I saying?

    Larissa 😉 Hope you had a great Mother’s Day too!!!!!

  3. :poof: Oh yes…I think I’m already known as the Cat Lady :meow: Besides my five indoor cats, there is one that came with the house that I take care of…and a few of the neighbors cats come to visit too! :dead:

  4. Sash–maybe after we get a dog (like over my dead body LOL)

    Tess I’ll try and bring it tomorrow–I have one of him and my son!

    Dennie hush up. I’m gonna make CLyde famous!

    Kel…you got me beat! :yell:

  5. See, Clyde is a cousin, up visiting from the country…and the regular kitties picked up on the fact that Clyde looked just like one of them–only smaller–sooooo, they got in a kittie huddle and said, “if we play this right, she’ll never know the difference…”

    But I guess I just let the kittie out of the bag. *snicker!* :zipit: