Happy Easter Weekend Everyone!

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Tell me that photo’s not some funny sh*t!!! LOL

In other news my kids have decided the word of the day is Penis. It’s much more fun than calling each other Gay. *sigh* God save me. Which they did the other night, while I was trying to sleep.

See Anne…the meter moved *ggg*

The kids are gone this weekend. I’m writing and we’re getting this contest stuff OUT of my HOUSE tomorrow. SWEET! Okay not tomorrow because we have to go to the post office but….it’ll be ready to go, thank you sweet baby Jesus. BTW Mel if you’re out there, I used that in my proposal and yes, it made me giggle.

So, what makes you giggle?



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5 thoughts on “Happy Easter Weekend Everyone!

  1. I totally see it moved! Woot! You go! I have to say that penis is much better than my teenagers’ terms of late… douchebag and sack sucker. GAH! What IS the deal with that?