Good Writing Will Out

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Can you do a PS at the beginning of a blog post? Oh well….Apologies for this getting so long 😳.

I”m just gonna ramble. I’m tired. I got home at 2 –which was really 1– after an unsuccessful trip to Whataburger, though Dennie said the cops were scoping on us. Not sure if it was my DSL lips (painted Sappho red–more on that later) or Dennie’s cute blondeness 😎 or if they were trying to decide if we needed breathalyzer tests. :flirt:

So anyway I just read this great post over at Jaq’s and another one at RTB and rather than clutter Jaq’s blog up with a second long-winded comment, I thought I’d just bore ya’ll here. We all know that video killed the radio star and marketing killed publishing but I firmly believe that good writing will out. The market might get glutted with regency historicals, or chick lit or erotica but it alwasy stabilizes as consumers make their wants known. But for today’s purposes we’re gonna talk about sex. Yeah babeeeee :woot:

I left a comment on Jordan’s blog about a week ago (and meant to blog in response) that growing complacent was the Kiss Of Death. However I also think that not being true to your writer self can be a Kiss Of Death.

As a writer you cannot grow complacent at craft. Don’t be lazy. Readers will know. I know this to be true from a reader’s standpoint. This is why former autobuys are well, FORMER auto-buys. In terms of sex: If a sex scene feels like the sex scene from another book of yours I’ve read, I’m gone. At the same time….If the characters feel like the characters from any/everyother book of yours, I will, to quote Raine “I will remember to avoid you & your fiendish offspring like the plague.” and tell all my friends. :uzi:

So you can push the envelope and write about things like 3-somes and BDSM but The Hottest Sex in the World will not make up for poor characterization or lazy sloppy writing because Good Writing Will Out.

As a writer you should continually push at the edges of your comfort zone. But what does this mean in terms of sex? I love good vanilla sex! There’s nothing wrong with it. I got two kids from it. But for every person who likes BDSM there’s another person out there who likes Vanilla. And lest you think I’M a BDSM basher, I’ve tackled my first BDSM story. Even though it’s probably fairly tame in terms of SM, it’s pushed my limits and you know what else? I’ve had a ball writing it. I’ve had even more fun researching it and I think MY ENTHEUSIASM shows in the writing.

Why is it so fun? Because well…just because! :kiss: No seriously, it’s the Anthropology Major in me rearing it’s head. Human Nature is fascinating. Why ask why? Why has to be one of the oldest, shortest questions on the planet–just ask any parent. Why do we do the things we do? Why would someone want to be in a BDSM relationship? Why would someone be an alcoholic? Why would someone run away from home? Why would someone become a country music singer or a professional cowgirl or a hairdresser? Motivation. If you understand why, then you have motivation. When you understand what motivates your characters to do things they don’t like or that go against everything they believe in I think it grounds them in reality. Even if you’re writing a Futuristic BDSM Menage Romance with little pink aliens 😀 or you have a slutty female protag who uses men like human dildos :yell: .

Am I being true to my writer self in writing a Dom/sub story? See my note about entheusiasm. Am I being true to my writer self in writing about Human Dildo Girl? As long as I understand her motivation, as long as I BELIEVE her motivation, then yeah. Never mind that she’s not the most likeable character I’ve ever written :poof:

Don’t forget to listen to your characters. Don’t forget to listen to your gut! Have standards, for Pete’s sake! Everything I write is the very best I can make it whether it’s something I’m going to shop to New York or something I’m going to epublish or something I’m going to post in my newsletter. I have a standard to maintain because that’s MY (pen) NAME on it. I give it my best, then I get it critted, then I push myself to do better.

What do you want readers to think about when they think of you? Oh the sex was great in her last book but you know, her characters….Yo! You…yeah YOU didn’t you get the memo? Characterization is more important than the size of his d*ck! Characterization is KING!

As a writer, you should know your weaknesses. As a writer, I know my weaknesses and my strengths but I refuse to get complacent. I’ve reached the point where, for the most part, I don’t need a line edit from my CP’s (though I still have comma-deficient moments). I’ve reached the point where, many times, I can email them and go THIS IS WRONG help me fix it. Trust Your Gut Instinct but don’t ever be afraid to task for help. That’s what critique patners are for. They’re there to help you make your writing better. Don’t be A Lazy Writer and depend on them to fix every little :hushup: thing ; don’t keep making the same mistakes; Learn from your mistakes. I’ve learned a lot from my critique partners, but I also Trust My Gut. If I say “this sucks” and they say “oh it’s great”, who am I gonna listen to? That’s right. Me. And I figure out why it sucks.

I love love LOVE fantasy, paranormal and time travel stories (whether they’re romance or not), but can I write one? I. Don’t. Know. Am I being true to my writer-self if I write one? 😎
How does all this apply to sex? I forgetted :memememe:

/end ramble

9 thoughts on “Good Writing Will Out

  1. I am impressed you are so coherant this morning (where’s the cowboy hat wearing smily?) 😕

    You make a valid point and as a totally lazy writer (Yeah I am raising my hand and admitting it :hideme: ) I need to focus when I write – I need to get more out of my characters than just a superfical portrait that you can cut and paste into any one of my books – I feel challeneged now – woohoo watch me write! :woot:

  2. I figured out I get this way when I work on two books back to back. I don’t even realize that I’m doing it because my nose is pressed too close to the glass.:poof:

  3. :memememe: Chris Cagle?

    I’m a lazy surfer. LOL.

    You ever find mistakes in your writing you know you didn’t put there? If I’m editing late at night, I think I retype mistakes. Then the next day I’m thinking… 😯 Where that come from? :doze:

  4. Annalee yes! The first time we saw him we ended up in line beind him at Whataburger after the concert–too funny!

    Um Jordan you’ve inspired a whole ‘nother blog post.

    And after reading Mark’s blog post on Annonymous I started feeling a bit guilty (I think we need to invest more research dollars in solving the good-girl conundrum). I didn’t mean to sound like a bossy know-it-all bitch…so my apologies :dead:

  5. Well, you know how I love to tweak, Cece, I’m always trying to push myself. And I appreciate that my cps have that same attitude. :woot:

  6. JOrdan you’ve inspired a whole new post with your comments…….for tomorrow though :pimpn:

  7. This complacenecy / sameness is why I always try and write 2 books at the same time and make them as different as I can. Not so much because I’m worried I’ll get repetitive, but because if I write the same type of books back to back (ie, say 2 wanna-be Blazes) I bore myself, and then I’m not having any fun. And then, what would I do? Turn to cooking or something?:yell::yell::yell:

  8. Steph those three novellas? I’ve been very conscious of “sameness” in writing all three of them 😕