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I FORGOT to post my recap! And WOOT–Hell’s Kitchen is back!

Ok real quick because I have to cook dinner….

1. Brooke White “Jolene” It was a rough start…I agree w/Randy. I liked it but didn’t love it. I did love the arrangement.

2. David Cook “Little Sparrow” I liked how he made it his and made it sound contemporary–I could easily see this as a “B Side”

3. Ramiele…what the HELL? I didn’t get it and I didn’t agree w/the judges

4. Jason Castro “Traveling Through” I TOTALLY Disagreed w/Simon–I thought he did great and liked how he pushed himself some

5. Carly “Here You Come Again” I thought she oversang it–and should have kept it simple. I agree w/Simon. It was good not great. And I agreed w/Simon about her outfit…80’s rocker chick went out…in the 80’s

6. David A..oh LOOK another BALLAD! *eyeroll*

7. Kristi Lee “Coat of Many Colors” She might not make it on Ai but I can totally see her making it in Nashville

8. Syesha “I Will Always Love You” can you say Kiss of Death? I knew you could! Yeah….and Randy, shut up. She made me cry. I thought she did fabulous.

9. Michael Johns have no clue what song but I LOVED the arrangement…very bluesy. Kinda simple and he’s such a pro.

Sooooo who’s got your vote for going home tonight? I say Ramiele!!!!!

7 thoughts on “Get Your Dolly On

  1. Too funny, Ames, my hubby was so excited to see Hell’s Kitchen back in action too. As far as the AI boot? Rami, Kristy or Syesha.

  2. Amie, loved your recap. I missed the show, was at ball practice, but I watched the Wed one. Glad to see Rami go, even though she’s a shorty like me. LOL. The bottom three wasn’t a surprise. Man, it’s getting exciting about now. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

  3. I thoughy Syesha did great. I am bored with David Archupuka. Kristy did good. I think Carly rocks….But Hollie is going to see Heart, Cheap Trick and Foreigner in SA in July…wanna go Amie?
    Michael Johns is the best….

  4. Karin looks like we called it right! Hope your weekend isn’t too crazy w/the engagement party!

  5. Ladonna it IS exciting but at the same time overall I”m not as overwhelmed by the talent as last year!

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