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WOW! So I’m over at NAS today talking the writing process and I sat down to count…

I’m currently working on what will be my fifth Kensington manuscript…but like my *gulp* fifTEENTH manuscript (not all of them finished, one I rewrote, 2 twenty five page proposals, lots and lots of words).

It takes so much ENERGY to get published, all that writing and angsting and stamp-licking. It lingers like bad mayo.

I also remember thinking before I sold, “man I want an agent so all I have to do is write.” Three agents later, I can tell you this–you NEVER get to just write. Why? Because, baby, the buck stops with YOU! As much as I tortured myself before I sold, I think I did more damage AFTER (firing #2 agent didn’t help but oh well).

Since then, I’ve accepted certain truths…namely I’m not going to sell everything I write. It’s harder to stay published than it is to get published. Relax. Stay alert. Don’t pay too much attention to that box. But give it it’s due…it’s probably there for a reason. I’m just not sure what that reason was. Especially since I feel like my first NY sale was WAY outside the box–maybe because it was erotica, I dunno….but I’m blessed with an editor who lets me (literally) get away with murder (hello…hitman hero!) and an agent who’s shopping a multiple first person futuristic urban fantasy with a hero who used to be a well…let’s just say he never killed anyone?

So really, what is the box and what makes a sale? I have no freaking clue….sorry Raine

ETA Check out Bettie’s post on bad girl heroines. Methinks Bettie’s not much of one for boxes either.

5 thoughts on “Get a Clue

  1. Oh the things you think/believe before you’re published…and reality sets in. LOL! I think there’s something to be said for remaining clueless. *ggg* I started thinking about finished manuscripts after reading your entry and realized that I’ve finished nine book-length manuscripts, not counting the multiple partials sitting in my files. I’ve also written eight novellas (again not counting the partials clogging up my desk). I hope to have my 10th single title finished by the end of Feb. I just have one question for you. When does the writing get easier? 😉

  2. Hmmmmmmm I guess that depends on what you mean by easier? Easier to actually get the words on paper, easier to plot, easier to carve out that writing time…..I actually kind of blogged about this (a little) at NAS. Right now, writing Screwed, I feel so relaxed it scares me.

  3. The Box SUX!!!!!!!!!!! :uzi:

    But I’m glad to hear your wip is flowing.
    Imagine that…on a book you once said something about not writing… :hideme: