Fun….what fun?

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Found this post at Lin’s blog. It’s something that’s been sitting at the back of my brian for quiet a while (and I realize part of it comes with firing my agent). Especially after Jordan’s post on the 18th…she doesn’t have a way to link to it so I’ll post an exceprt here:

First off, being published does not solve your problems. Sorry to break the bad news, but it’s the truth. It only adds to them. LOL! I know when I first started writing getting published was the be all and end all goal. Now that I am, I realize the journey is just beginning.

This is something you learn rather quickly I think. Contesting creates problems, having an agent creates new problems to deal with, as does selling. Even NY Times bestsellers have problems.

A year after writing CDC and six months after writing TBGG, I’m not having fun anymore. There’s no cutting loose. There’s no “I’m making a heroine that’s totally outrageous and so what. I’ll worry about the consequences later.”

I’ve got a problem. πŸ˜•

7 thoughts on “Fun….what fun?

  1. Ames? Why don’t you write something just for you, a hero or heroine that’s totally outrageous, & damn the consequences?
    Have some fun. 😎

  2. Sounds like it’s feeling like work. That’s what I fear. The day my writing becomes less of a stress release and more work. Then what’ll I do to keep my sanity?

    I agree with dreamweaver. Write something fun and damn the rules.

  3. Believe me, Cece, I know. I had to let my muse drop kick the devil that was on my shoulder, who was taking evil delight in whispering, “They’re all gonna laugh at you,” over and over.

  4. I feel better Lynn, thanks πŸ˜€ I put pen to paper this weekend and had a couple big realizations. I’m *not* used to writing flashbacks but I think in this case it’ll at least help me understand my character’s motivations for the things she’s done.