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First off…Jet over to Jill Shalvis’ for a fun story game!

Then, zoom on over to Pam Britton’s. Click on “message board” and scope on her absolutely fabulous news :memememe: :memememe: before you leave the pits and head for Daisy’s –she’s talking a different kind of sex. :kiss:

Hey…Silma made my day!

Shannon’s got good news! Meljean’s anthology is on sale and and and……who else?

3 thoughts on “Fun Stuff

  1. You are so bad! Do you know how long I spent wondering why you stayed at an HI-Express? :yelling:

  2. Damn you, Cece. I had to go check my Writer Scope and it better not have jinxed me.

    gemini: eeegads you poor thing, seems the world is stacking up against you in so many ways. this too shall pass. into every life a little rain must fall, etc. chin up, out of this mess will come a better life, and a much more innovative approach to your writing. spend more time alone now, it is the best way to bring up the new ideas.