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Well that last post kinda sucked………..:zipit:

Oh oh yeah…… I have the chance to get a new computer at work. It’s a small office so we get a lot of leeway. In other words we get to pick out our own. I’m seriously debating switching from PC to Mac……..I’d love to hear from Mac users, so leave me some feedback………

11 thoughts on “From PC to MAC

  1. I switched from a PC to a Mac about four years ago. Smartest move I ever made, I think. I love my iBook. And I was sick to death of dealing with Windows and all its stupid continual problems. Not that OS X hasn’t had its own issues, but they’re a lot fewer and farther between.

  2. Have fun choosing! I used to have a Mac (we’re talking 10 years ago). I loved it, but I love my PC now too. (Hey, anything for some internet access, you know?) My dad has a mac and frequently, he can’t open fun things I send him on email. And vice versa. Drives me nuts.

  3. I really want an iBook, too, but with a PC desktop, I’ve loaded up on all kinds of things—like my Alphia and my iPaq and such. I’m a little concerned about matching up compatabilities. And I haven’t yet summoned the ambition to start reading up on it. 🙄

  4. My mother uses Mac – hates PC’s – she’s a graphic artist (don’t know if that makes a dif) but she can’t stand that I have a PC – then again my mom and I have *issues* 😳

  5. THanks everyone for the feedback! Shannon, you’re right. It is pretty daunting. I Guess my two (three?) biggest worries were Word and Excel, Dreamweaver and Paint Shop Pro. Otherwise, I’m just worried in general about making the jump and any snags I might run into if I’m the only one in the office using a Mac :yell:

  6. But I’ve also heard that Once you go Mac, you Never Go Back 😎

    Sorry I had to say it :memememe:

  7. That’s true for me, too, Cece. With all the new software, there’s not much trouble going from Mac to PC – I have a PC at work and, um, 3 Macs at home. I love love love my Mac, and it’s sooooo much easier to navigate than the PC.

  8. I went from PC to Mac almost 2 years ago. Love my MAC. I did have a bit of trouble adjusting, but I’m so happy with it now.

  9. Thanks Sasha and Mary…I am worried about the learning curve but, God Willing, work will slow down some soon (please God) and I’ll have the time to learn before things get crazy again.