Freaked out…and My AI Recap

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Woke up this morning to a present from teh cats. Not sure what’s scarier–the fact they might have found a mouse, in teh house, and killed it, or the fact they went hunting lats night and dragged it THROUGH my bedroom to the kitchen to leave it for me. Mull on that.

Informed not so small children we would be making our own detergent and fabric softener in the near future, along with our own cleaning supplies. #1 smart ass asked if next we would dig a pool in the back yard to generate our own electricity and informed me that this wasn’t the 1700’s. #2 smart ass was all on board until he found out that we’d be using vinegar for fabric softener. Nobody wants to go to school smelling like a douche.


Oops…I forgot I was going to add a book to my Read in 2009 list: Daddy’s Girl by Lisa Scottoline. This is the second book of hers I’ve read. I liked it better than the last one but I didn’t love it. I didn’t get the whole thread about the heroine’s family (who were quite annoying) and the plot twist at the end kinda pissed me off BUT I’d still rec the book and I’ll probably keep reading her ๐Ÿ˜€

Now my AI recap….wow overall I was underwhelemed and disappointed! Especially with the dudes. What was up with that?!?!?!

1. Jasmine sang Love Song: the begining was odd/weird and pitchy. The end was better. Overall I was REALLY disappointed in her. Randy said, “Bad song choice.” Kara said she was all over the place, Paula said she had to agree w/Randy and Kara and Simon said she’s not ready for stardom. She needs a few more years to ferment or something. I agree.

2. Matt Giraud the dueling piano player saing Viva La Vida: The bluesy vibrato was very weird and it just didn’t work for me overall and I love him. Very sad.ร‚ย  Tara said she wasn’t blown away, Paula said it was a risky song but she wasn’t sure if it was the RIGHT song, Simon said it, “Verged on Horrible.” Randy said, “Yo DAwg.” Ok he said the kid had mad talent but he had to agree w/Simon.

3. Jeanine saig This Love by Maroon 5: Wow….it was okay but not WOW. Definitely an iffy song choice, but she’s got great legs and lips according to the judges. All the judges seemed to agree that it was the WRONG SONG which sadly, seems to be the theme for AI Season 8 ๐Ÿ™

4. Normal Gentle/Nick (oh how i love you so!!!) sang “And I’m Telling You”: Simon prays he doesn’t go through but everyone said he was memorable. The one thing that struck me while I was watching his insane performace is that he sang….effortlessly. And I think that says something. I hope he makes it through just to spite the hell out of Simon ๐Ÿ˜€

5. Allison sang Alone by Heart: ZOMG WOW! She can’t talk but she can definitely sing!

I have to agree /w the judges…for the most part it felt like she was the first singer of the night (except for Normal…er Norman). I totally didn’t see this coming and she totally blew me away. Rnady said she blew the sides of teh box. Kara said that Allison didn’t know how good she was–sometimes this is a good thing. Paula said she was a true performer.ร‚ย  Simon said she was the best by a mile and I have to agree.

6. Chris Allen sang Man in the Mirror: Honestly, I’m suprrised he didn’t get reamed for doing an Michal Jackson song! The low notes were bad. The ending was good. OVerall he was good but not ZOMG WOW good. Kara said it was the wrong song, Paula disagreed w/Kara (I know…big surprise), Simon agreed w/Paula (really big surprise) and Randy was proud he did it without the guitar WTF.

7. Megan sang Put Your Records On: Admittedly this is one of my favorite songs but I thought she did a stellar job though teh weird dancing thing was just…weird. Very weird. Paula said she sang the right song and was hip and relevant. I agree w/Paula — I know, surprising. Simon said she started well but the second half deteriorated. I think the word shouty was used. Randy agreed w/Simon and Paula and Kara said she was a package artist. Artist Package? Hmm anyway…sometimes I kinda wish she woudln’t say stuff like that.

8. Matt the Welder saing If You Could Only See: Wow….disappointed. And very boring. I agree w/teh jduges–Simon hated the song and said it was boring and Matt seemed uncomfortable. I tend to agree. The other three said it didn’t show what he could do–again, I have to agree.

9. Jesse sang Bette Davis Eyes: ZOMG WOW! I’m so off to iTunes to download this. I LOVE LOVE LOVED IT!!!! And I really like her and her sound. Randy said it was an okay performance. I say Randy was mainlining twinkies last night and got confused from the sugar rush. Whereas “Matt the welder” cool doesn’t work….”Rocker Jesse” cool DOES! Go eat another twinkie Randy. Kara said she looked sexy, Paula said she was cool and Simon said she was forgettable. I disagree…but he was probaby mainlining fish n chips and the grease blinded him. Dudes…go smoke a bowl okay.

10. Kai sang What Becomes of a Broken…ear drum: Boring boring boring. Sorry dude but it was way boring. I actually fast forwarded. Old fashioned, corney and not memorable–that was Simon. I have to agree.

11. Mischavonna sang Drops of Jupiter: Admittedly this is another fave FAVE song…but I thought seh did it well. I kinda agree that she needs to loosen up and mabye she’s a bit forgetable but I really really liked her. Again, I know I’m biased becase of her song choice. Sue me.

12. Adam Lambert sang Satisfaction: Admittedly, I’m NOT a Stones fan but I thought it was a really cool performance andร‚ย  I like him. All the other dudes could have just gone home tonght(excpet Norman!) cuz I have a feeling there’s not much question about which dude will probably go through–esp since someone was kind enough to point out the Twilight vibe that Adam’s got going on.

So, who’s goign through? Guys: Adam unless Norman sneaks in from nowhere which very well could happen. I can see America voting for Norman to spite Simon–I know I did. Girls: I’d say Allison, Megan or Jesse. It’s a tough choice for me because I like all three. If I had to pick just one and not let my personal preferences influene me, I’d say Allison.

So, final call: Adam, Norman and Allison go through tonight. Any takers?

6 thoughts on “Freaked out…and My AI Recap

  1. I agree with you on every single one, except Norman. I actually loved his performance, but he’s not rock idol material. More drag queen material. I see him as an entertainer in a casino.