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Ok who watched? Did that not rock. OMG! I was hollaring! My kid was threatening to call the funny farm on me!
I’ll be at Southern Fried Chicas later this morning with my regular blog post. First I have to drop the kid at school and get to work.

Spoliers below if you didn’t watch Battlestar Gallactica last night.  It’s your choice to click

DUDE! FOUR CYLONS?!?!?! I’m not 100% sold. I thought we were going to only learn one (and I think it’s real interesting that one was missing and Starbuck came back–I’m still not 100% convinced she’s not a cylon–but then again maybe the fifth is still a “sleeper”).

I’m still wondering if that’s for real, but I also think it’s interesting that one of the staunchest anti-cylon people is one.  I had figured out about the chief from rewinding the commericals during Dresden Files.
And Starbuck OMG OMFG!!!! I KNEW when Lee had that unknown blip on his Draedis that it was her and I was RIGHT! OMG!!!!!!!!! that was like the hook to end all hooks!


Such a long wait for more.

3 thoughts on “Fracken BSG

  1. WHen is the next show? I thought ending was just sooo cruel of the writers. I can definitely see those 4 being cylons. The fifth is either Starbuck or Roslin,I think. 😉

  2. Lori I think I might vote for Roslyn! 🙄 The ending was cruel but it was the HOOK to end all HOOKS. The writer in me is in awe.

    tempest….nine long months before the birth of season 4 *sigh* sucks. totally. Luckily the last of the Soppranos is coming back on!