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Shelli I know emails are bouncing. I’m not sure what’s going on because NONE of my boxes are anywhere near full.
I’ve had no cable since Saturday which means no Internet either. The cable guy came today, proceeded to be rude and treat me like Stupid Hysterical Woman (this does NOT go over well. I’m not an idiot) and said that there’s a wiring problem and a line guy won’t be out for at least 72 hours (maybe longer). This means no ‘net this weekend to boot……

Welcome to Time Warner Cable…… :uzi:

14 thoughts on “FRACK!

  1. I e-mailed you five or six times yesterday and they ALL came back รขโ‚ฌโ€œ I used 3 different addys Amie, Cece and the Spamless one

    sorry hun!

  2. It just gets worse….Somehow or another I lost the six pages I wrote on Nailed.

    The one and only file of Confessions that I KNOW …damnit all I KNOW I moved/copied it somewhere in the last few days is damaged/corrupted and can’t be opened.

  3. Ick. Sorry for your trouble, and don’t you love how you have to rearrange your life around their hours??? GREAT service!

  4. OMG Cece I’d be homicidal! So sorry about the material you lost. Very relieving that your agent had some of it so you dont lost an entire proposal.

  5. I had a couple of emails bounce back to me too, but then I got busy–and they weren’t that important–so I gave up. :-/

  6. Oh sorry to hear that! ๐Ÿ™ My email has been bouncing for days which is pissing me off big time, but so far my files are still where they should be. Hope it all gets fixed soon!

  7. :wth: No internet for the whole weekend?! :bleep: It’d drive me crazy. Thank goodness I can sneak into my office and use the one at work on weekends in case of emergencies.

  8. OMG, cable guys get my blood pressure up almost as much as insurance companies. Good luck with that.

    So glad your agent had some of what you lost!

  9. AMy I just wanted to beat his rude, round, hot ass ๐Ÿ˜Ž

    Thanks everbody. It came back up sometime yesterday afternoon but I didn’t notice until last night–not a bad thing! LOL

    I pretty much managed to recreate what I lost on Nailed, plus about ten more pages. I’ve still only got to write 3 pages a day to finish the first draft by November so I’m right on target! :pimpn:

  10. Bless the A lady (sorry can’t remember all the dman “As” around you…) :notworthy:

    Cute cable guy – no wonder you wanted to stay home this weekend – hehehehehehehehe :flirt:

    okay – I have done 7 pages today – I can laugh… hehehehe

    back to writing… :die: